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    #128: Motor fun

    by , 04-18-2016 at 07:17 AM (377 Views)
    Bed time: 00.30
    Get up: 08.00

    I woke up a few times during the night and tried to SSILD, but I didn't have that much focus. I also fell asleep way too soon again.

    Motor fun
    I'm driving through the city to the campus with someone. At first it is my little brother, but at some point it becomes my housemate. First we're using bicycles. He's driving on my right side. We're talking about something, but I can't remember what. Eventually the topic of school comes up. It's a somewhat negative topic because something happened, though again I can't remember what. I avoid asking him any questions. We pass a group of police officers who are walking across the street. My little brother gets stopped by them. I continue a bit further. I think it's at this point that he turns into my housemate and I'm now riding a motorcycle. From the looks of it, it's quite lightweight. I'm standing at the end of the street, waiting. It's a T intersection, with traffic coming from both sides. There's a tram line as well. The shape of the street is like a Bell curve, with me being at the top part. I wait from the traffic from the left to pass (some motorcycles I think). I look right.. just enough time to cross the street and take a left. I do so with quite a lot of gas. A bit too much maybe, as I slide just a little bit. I hit 90 km/h before I slow down at the corner of the street to wait for my housemate. I then have a look at my lights and realise that I have been driving this whole route without. I fiddle with the buttons on my steer. It's a combination of a button on the left part and a button on the right part which does the trick. A bit weird, but ok. Somewhere along the way I think of this as my mom's motorcycle [my mom most definitely does not own a motorcycle]. My housemate shows up. I tell him I was waiting for him here.

    I'm somewhere inside a house. The same housemate is seated and I'm standing. I'm excitedly telling him about the dream above. I make sure to mention that I hit 90 km/h just mere seconds after opening the gas.

    The first dream I can remember from this night (which was a profoundly disturbing one, so I don't feel like writing it out fully) was one where I was in the train with my girlfriend and we were talking about a dude who has been stalking her. He's quite the creep. She ends up going to his house to confront him with a knife but he overpowers her. I step in and overpower him, which creates a hostage situation.

    Another (non-disturbing) one was where I helped my housemate put together some wooden shelves. I put them together in my room to later put them in her room. I don't know why I'm helping her. I don't even like her.

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