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    #129: Language fragments

    by , 04-19-2016 at 06:34 AM (278 Views)
    Bed time: ~ 00.30
    Get up: 07.30

    I don't remember a full dream. All I remember are a bunch of fragments of a language related event. I'm talking with multiple people in multiple languages. I'm talking with a British guy who's planning to stay in the Netherlands for 6 years and who already speaks Dutch quite well. We're standing somewhere in the city centre during the day, close to one of the canals. Later I'm talking to a group of people. I think it was in English. I believe I also spoke some French somewhere. At some point I enter a restaurant. A white, male staff member is asking me the regular questions and I tell him my girlfriend is already sitting in the outside area. He seems quite bend on etiquette and quite annoying.

    I remember I had another dream. I think it may have involved my mom. I can't remember it at all though.

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