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    #130: Laptop

    by , 04-22-2016 at 07:00 AM (377 Views)
    I'm in an electronics shop. I've brought my Macbook Pro in because there is an issue with it. The thing I'm focusing on right now is that one of the rubber feet has fallen off (really happened). The employee I'm talking to is an older white man with grey hair. He presents me with a DIY fix which involves cutting out a makeshift rubber foot out of some different material, which is grey. I can get the perfect shape by placing the fallen off rubber foot on it and cutting around it. I end up with a hole in the material though and cause the material is a bit stretchy it doesn't really work. I wonder if the guy is going to charge me for this. He starts asking me how old my laptop is. I immediately recognise that this is a sales talk. I tell him and he comes up with packages of cables I could buy. My laptop will be obsolete soon and then I will have a hard time finding spare parts, so best to buy them now. I tell him I've already replaced a cable recently, so I'm good. While I'm placing my laptop back inside my bag, he walks over to his colleague. They're a bit in the distance, but I can clearly hear and see the frustration of the guy over my refusal to buy anything off him. I consider telling him to be more professional.

    I know I've also dreamt something about my girlfriend, but I can't remember what.

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