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    #137: Cousin / Company visit

    by , 04-30-2016 at 07:08 AM (243 Views)
    I'm in the living room at my mom's house (I think). I'm there with my cousin, his girlfriend and their newborn son. It's the first time seeing their son, so I take a good look. Hmm, I remember him looking differently on the photo. On the photo he really looked like my cousin. Now, not so much. For some reason I look at the window, looking at some green truck that's parked outside. I'm not sure anymore what happens after, or what the significance of the truck was.

    Company visit
    I've just exercised (physical therapy perhaps) and now I need to get somewhere. I'm running late though, so I don't have the time to shower first. I make it to the bus just in time. I had to cross the street quickly in between cars. I remember seeing the number of the bus, though I can't recall it anymore. I get in at the back. It's really crowded and I consider whether or not I should check in. I might get a fine if I don't do so, but on the other hand, it's so busy that they will never notice. I tell myself that I worry too much and don't check in. I already had my black backpack out in front of me, drawing out my wallet. I put it back in.

    I'm inside a building. We're going somewhere with the class. Guess I will have to try to shower here. It's a company visit and quite a prestigious company at that. I run into some classmates on the way up the stairs. There is one classmate going down as well. It's Aun. Later, when I'm up the stairs, I see Aun along with the people she regularly hangs out with. I ask her surprised if I didn't just see her walking down the stairs. She tells me it was X [forgot who]. I remember the hijabs of both persons being different colours, so I'm satisfied with the answer.

    We're in a big room and a presentation is starting. A lot of people are still being noisy. The lecturer in front of the class is one that most people dislike because she can't teach very well. She's trying to settle things down and someone hurls a nasty comment at her. Man.. we are so not making a good impression at this company. Eventually people settle down, except for to the far left in the back. Nick and Kristen are arguing with each other for what feels like 5 minutes. They either don't care or don't notice that everyone is waiting for them. Embarrassing.

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