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    #156: Consulate intern

    by , 06-13-2016 at 04:41 AM (320 Views)
    Itís daytime. Iíve just arrived at an important government office of the Netherlands in NYC. Itís some type of diplomatic post. I am going to do an internship here. The prime minister of the Netherlands is standing there, waiting to welcome me. Wow. Does he do this for every intern? He must be superbusy then. Heís standing close by 2 black motorcycles. The outside area is very spacious. We start walking, together with 2 other men, who are a bit to our left and a few steps in front. I take a good look at the shoulder area of their suits. Supposedly high quality, but it is odd. The seams donít match up with the bodies of the men.

    Inside the building, I see several areas. Weíre in an open area with a nearly circular bench. Some people are being dragged away. They have been refused.. citizenship perhaps? Thereís something about that bench though. Itís a free area, as in youíll be ok as long as youíre there. Somewhere else I see some people walking down some stairs. Thereís a banner on the balustrade which indicates that they were having language classes. From an Eastern European language to English. To English? I get that the demand for Dutch is not that high, but this is a Dutch consulate or whatever.

    Iím not sure if Iím actually present, or just observing. The prime minister is sitting at a small, square lunch table. Across him is a Eastern European woman. Sheís seated with her back against the wall. Sheís asking for her salary to be transferred to her in Indonesian Rupiah. Right now she is spending a big amount of money converting her money every time. I consider for a moment that it doesnít make much sense for her to want Rupiah. The prime minister is giving evasive answers as first and finally decides that, no, he cannot agree to that. The finances are not there to do so. He comes to this decision mere seconds after a white guy in a suit comes and whispers something in his ear. At some point I have a close look at the PMís face. He doesnít look exactly the same. This is a tv show after all, and this would be an actor. Or have they managed to get the actual PM to cooperate on this? He mentions to the woman that the money just isnít there. Right now thereís more important stuff going on. He points to a plane that has crashed behind him. Itís from a Surinam airline, suggesting that as a former coloniser, the Netherlands should help out.

    Thereís something with a motorcycle/scooter crew. Theyíre racing like madmen through the streets, towards an emergency related to the Dutch consulate, or something similar. Some men go down, but this is so important that the others donít even stop to help. I see the bikes from the back for a moment. No plates. It would be much easier to give them Dutch consular plates for immunity, right? I see the scene happening at least 2 times. It looks very well directed. Awesome.

    The Dutch PM is talking to a woman, whoís pissed him off. It causes him to throw his phone away. I see this happening from above. He sure managed to throw his phone freaking high. And then also quite far. Itís flying over a house and a grass field in slo-mo. Thereís something attached to his phone, something like a tiny souvenir. The phone ends up in a small pond. It floats for a few seconds, then he gets an incoming call and it sinks to the bottom. Iím thinking that this scene doesnít make much sense, because they used what seems like an Xperia Z for this scene, which is waterproof against fresh water, thus diminishing the impact of this scene.

    I end up playing basketball against a woman, one on one on a small court. Iím dominating cause I have a height advantage. I can nearly dunk the ball.

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