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    #160: Fighting date

    by , 06-18-2016 at 02:28 AM (308 Views)
    I'm together with a white girl, who is supposedly a friend of mine. My friend Julian joins us at a later stage. I'm not sure anymore what we are doing. There comes a point though where we split up. I take my mountain bike and they continue walking in the direction of the train station / his house. I know that he didn't bring a back, but she did.. right? I pass them on my bike and after that I look back every once in a while. They're holding hands. Now they're kissing in the middle of the road. I think she's wearing a red denim skirt. He's trying to feel her up. She slaps him in the face, or nearly at least. Now they're fighting. A bit later and they are having a full blown karate fight in their karate uniforms [he's a karate teacher].

    I'm at the cafe where I used to go to practice my language skills. The same girl as always is working there. Julian comes in. First we order. I'm not sure anymore what he's having. I ask her to surprise me and she pulls a small beer bottle out of the fridge. I tell her I'm not in a beer mood though. I'm not sure what she decides to give me instead. There is some special going on. Julian is only allowed to order that drink if he has a black belt. I tell her that he has his own dojo and he pulls out his black belt. I'm allowed to buy my drink, but for some reason the conversation switches to my belt. I tell her that I'm a taekwondo guy, but that I quit because of an injury. I try to avoid having to admit that I was still a white belt when I got injured.

    Julian and I sit down at a table, facing one another. I ask him about my friend, but make 1 or 2 off-hand comments which he does not appreciate. I try to salvage the situation, but only make it worse. I decide to shut up for a while.

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