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    #167: Movie / Holding hands / Epic medieval fight

    by , 06-28-2016 at 01:30 AM (457 Views)
    Bed: 23.00
    Wake up: 06.35
    Now: 07.00

    I'm inside somewhere. A company visit / business case of a company I really like has just finished. We're busy exiting. I tell Jim that the case was interesting, just to make sure that he keeps me on his mind. Outside the room, on the hallway, is another employee of the company. We start heading towards.. someplace.

    I'm now in a big lecture hall. It feels as if we've walked here from the other place. We're going to watch a movie. My high school English teacher is leading the class. Eventually we're somewhere along the 50 minute mark, perhaps even further. The video is streaming slowly cause the school/uni connection is shitty, sometimes forcing us to pause. Someone explains the technical stuff to my teacher. She asks us if we will have enough time to finish it. We have 30 minutes left in this class and 40 minutes of movie left. My friend Lin tells her that we do. Huh? Idiot. Meanwhile I'm seated, with my bag in front of me on the floor. I open and close the zipper a few times, probably being very obnoxious, considering that we're watching a movie. I've got candy inside in a see through plastic bag, which I share with my friends and cousin. I still make a lot of noise.

    Holding hands
    I'm walking outside with a lot of people. Not sure where we're going. My first ex girlfriend is walking to my left. She decides that she wants to hold my hand. Her boyfriend is somewhere in the crowd, walking behind us. We're at the very front. I tell her that this isn't a good idea. At some point I wonder whether she is trying to make her boyfriend jealous or whether she genuinely wants to hold my hand. She mentions that her boyfriend is holding a girl's hand as well. I look and see that he's doing one of these poses where he creates a loop with his arm, allowing the girl to place her hand in the loop. I tell my ex that we would be better off if we were walking to the back. She varies in how intensely she holds my hand.

    Epic medieval fight [literally the only note I took of this dream]
    I'm somewhere outside in a mountainous area. There are quite a number of armed forces. I feel like Thor [Chris Hemsworth version] is also present. A fight is about to go down. Our side is trying to ambush a different group, but our advance group gets ambushed in return. There are so many different groups which have allied to the group that I belong to that I'm no longer sure which uniform belongs on my side and which doesn't. At some point I'm in need of a weapon. There are some scissors. Nah. There's a bamboo pole with a kite attached to it. Perfect. I ask an old man to cut the string to the kite. He uses some big scissors which look pretty damn awesome as he's cutting the string. Really?! You couldn't tell me in the first place you had that?! I take both the bamboo pole and the scissors with me. I'm not sure how I'll use both, as this bamboo pole will serve as a two handed weapon. I put the scissors in my right back pocket. I encounter 3 white girls standing close to what seems like a coin buying stand at a fair. The 3 girls are my height and are dressed identically. They all have the same gun and are aiming for me. I use the bamboo pole to slap their arms away to throw off their aim. This isn't something that I can keep up long with the 3 of them. I advance so that I can use my scissors. I'm not sure what happened next, but I'm victorious. I start talking to the girl behind the stand. She was going to give her number to those girls for some reason. I ask her to give me her number instead, and she hands me a white paper with her number. The girl herself is quite pretty. The only details I can remember is that she's a white girl with black hair. I put the number in my front left pocket and tell her that if I don't die, I will call her.

    There's some family gathering going on. My cousin is present, as well as my little cousin, who I take with me into an elevator. At some point my cousin and I (and someone else) are eating.

    I'm walking from the hallway of my dormitory into my room. To my left I see an Asian girl walking away from me. I stare at her for a moment. I make sure to look away the moment she looks back. I walk into my room. I look out my room to look at her again. She turns back, presumably to see if I was looking. I think she caught me.

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