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    #170: Fireworks / Money

    by , 07-03-2016 at 02:46 AM (318 Views)
    I'm in what seems like my mom's living room with some of my best male friends. One of them is apparently the inventor of some very popular fireworks called the draaitol. I never knew this. How come he never mentioned this? He starts playing around with fireworks in the home. At one point I'm afraid he might set the place ablaze.

    I'm in a restaurant with my best male friends. We have just finished our food and it is time to pay. The bill is in IDR. My meal is IDR 22.something. I look in my wallet and spot the green IDR 20.000 bill and put it on the table. It takes a while for me to realise that I haven't paid enough. I should also pay a beer which cost ~ IDR 44.000. I go through my wallet again for more money. I am IDR 10.000 short. Either the dream changes, or my mind is playing with me. I'm suddenly thinking in euro's. My part of the bill is ~ 66. I tell my friend that I can either pay the remaining 10,- later, or I can give him IDR 100.000, which is about 10,-.

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