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    #18: Tiny captives / Taekwondo / Dreadful dreads / Contacts

    by , 10-24-2015 at 10:45 AM (503 Views)

    Dream 1: Tiny captives
    A girl (my gf?) and I are tiny creatures held captive by a regular sized person I believe. We think he's a real asshole. He keeps us in what looks like a sort of small fridge. We meet another small creature there. We plan our escape. The girl and I go first. I cup my hands and am holding an orange gooyie liquid. Part of our escape. The guy that's keeping us captive (not sure but I think a white guy with a stubble beard and black nerdy plastic glasses) looks at me. I stay still for a moment. He ignores me. Ok on to the next room. We can't manage to continue there. I have to accomplish something on a macbook, but I'm fighting to correctly size the window. In the mean time the guy notices our escape. We have written a letter or something alike on the macbook, which needs to be finished. Remotely, the guy deletes a portion of the 2 page document. I delete a portion of him, hampering his attempt to catch us. Why do we always have bad luck. I open my black backpack. It's filled with a clear block of ice. Not a neatly cut one, but more natural. There are also 2 or 3 pairs of shoes in there. Ours and the basterd. Lets keep those and sell them. Or give them to a homeless person and make a picture.

    Dream 2: Taekwondo
    I have taught a girl some taekwondo moves. I specifically recall teaching her about backside and frontside kicks. At the end, she has a match. She doesn't implement my techniques perfectly, but it's not bad. Not black belt material though.

    Her moves have in actuality not that much to do with taekwondo

    Dream 3: Dreadful dreads
    I'm with a guy who is having a look at my dreads. He tells me that the person who does my dreads has messed them up real bad. It looks horrible. He tells me I should be selective in who I allow to do my dreads. I tell him I looked for the best back in Indonesia and that my friend recommended that person. He retouches a few dreads at the front, to show me what he can do. Ideally he'd cut them off and start over. He tells me to let him know if I wanna continue with him. We're on the bus. He walks to the front to exit. It's only now that I really have a look at him. A dark skinned guy (reminds me of Alfredo from the serie Elementary) with dreads that are very long, but he's got them in a bundle with a hairtie. My girlfriend is next to me. I tell her I should go to a lot of different guys to ask them to demonstrate their skills. In the end: free dreads!

    I'm at a trainstation with my girlfriend. Not sure where we're going. The system is unlike any I've ever seen. I have to make sure we take the right train.

    Normally I don't analyse my dreams that much, but the dreads and the train seem connected to me. As in having to make a choice about what to do with them. I've been doubting about what to do with them for a while now.

    The setting looks a bit Indonesian. It's daytime and I'm not taking part, I'm just witnessing this as if I'm watching tv. A brown skinned, muscular young guy surprises a bit of an older woman by giving her a hug from behind. This is his preschool and he's come by for a visit, or he ended up here by accident.

    Dream 4: Contacts
    I'm going through my phone, through my contact list. I'm surprised to see that I have the number of a girl I met in Indonesia, who I didn't talk to that much. I look at her (Whatsapp?) picture. She is wearing skates. It feels like the picture expands 1 or 2 times or changes a bit to give me more info. There's a low wall next to her, with a rail. She grinded the rail and just landed. That's why she is in this weird position so low to the ground. A girl who I don't recognise makes fun of me for looking at the picture. I continue. There's the name of a girl I went out with once. Holy shit she looks amazing. She has a thin black.. Shirt, top? Upperbody covering fabric, let's keep it at that. She's sitting on I think a barstool, holding her hands above her head. It causes her boobs to have a weird shape, cause she is not wearing a bra. But holy shit are they big!

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