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    #185: Papua / Guard

    by , 07-30-2016 at 03:28 AM (326 Views)
    I'm talking to a dark skinned girl. She has quite short, black hair. I had a reason for talking to her. I think she was behind the counter somewhere. I started talking to her in Indonesian, but apparently she doesn't really speak it that well yet. She tells me in English that she often gets confused for Papuan and that she doesn't like it. I tell her that I understand the feeling, cause it happens to me all the time as well. My skin is lighter than hers though.

    I'm outside of what is supposed to be my dorm. It's a sunny day. I am about to walk into the direction of the building. The guard whom often looks grumpy is sitting outside. He's got the near empty tube of showergel in his hands that I threw out yesterday. Really? He took it from the trash so that he could salvage that little bit? I walk past him and he asks me a question about why I'm moving rooms. He asks me in Indonesian and I explain it to him in Indonesian. I tell him about the dog that's always barking and that someone else living on the other side of the hallway can never hear the dog, so I'm hoping to solve my problems like that.

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