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    #198: Supermarket

    by , 08-25-2016 at 03:29 AM (212 Views)
    I have bought an AH supermarket together with one of my best friends. Man what a foolish idea. It痴 our very first day of running it. As soon as the customers start dropping in, I already feel overwhelmed. We have too many customers for just the two of us to handle. Throughout the dream, suddenly new employees start popping up. I guess my friend hired them. This thing might actually work.

    For the largest part of the dream, I知 behind the register. At one point I致e squeezed myself behind a very tiny register. I知 working alongside two teenage looking girls. After a while I notice that my friend is the only white employee.

    One of the last things to happen is a teenage boy employee ask me some questions about sweeping the floor. I actually have to give this kid an explanation of how to sweep a floor..!

    サ I知 moving out of some place. Together with a few friends, I知 packing all of my stuff. The place is quite big and littered with the belongings of my former housemate.

    サ I知 living together with 1 - 3 friends.

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