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    #20: FA? / Moving out

    by , 10-26-2015 at 09:51 AM (441 Views)

    False awakening?
    Last night I slept next to my girlfriend at her sister's house. In the middle of the night I woke up... or had an FA, I'm not sure. I was in the right location with the right person. It felt as if time was passing faster than it should. To be specific, x1.4. I think this is odd and try to push my finger through my palm a couple of times, without success. I feel like I didn't take out enough time to really attempt it. I also didn't try any other RC. It was an interesting/weird experience. Since I didn't seem to be dreaming I went back to bed.

    This dream must have something to do with my exam. As a preparation I'm going through all the lectures (they're recorded and uploaded) and often I set the playback speed to x1.4

    Moving out
    I'm standing in the kitchen with 2 housemates. One to my left, one to my right. We're standing lined up, very close to each other in front of the stove. I guess cause we all wanted to use it. I mention to them that I'm considering moving out. Not too sure what happened after that.

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    false awakening