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    #207: Bookshop

    by , 09-08-2016 at 04:16 AM (266 Views)
    I'm somewhere in a city, together with a white girl my age. We seem to be spies and we're a team. Perhaps we are also in a relationship, though I'm not sure about that. We're about to start our mission. We've definitely done something similar before, because as we start I even say something like "here we go again" in English. We're a few metres above street level and jump a bit down onto a brown wooden walkway (which I think wasn't meant to be a walkway) to cross the road. On this side of the road are a bunch of shops, in a neat row, like any shopping street. The building style is quite old, gothic perhaps. There's grey concrete pillars and presumably arches about 2 metres in front of the shops. We take care cause we spot a police officer outside and there's another one inside one of the shops. Both of them are white, one male, one female. I think it was the female who was still outside. We hide behind one of the pillars. We're right in front of a bookshop and we decide to go in, I think for information. The bookstore is well lighted, everything is bright. It's a neat place. I get a bit distracted by my passion for books. We look around, trying to be inconspicuous. They are having a sale. Every single book is 9 ... euro's? Pounds? Not sure. 9. As far as I remember, only the owner of the shop was present. She reminds me of a university lecturer I had.. or perhaps it's her. A white woman in her 40s with slightly curly hair. I'm not sure of the colour anymore. My partner and I only look, never touching any of the books. We're standing at a low bookcase near the window. My partner decides to go outside to view the books in the window. She gives me a look. I don't remember what type of look. Not to get distracted perhaps? I walk around the bookshop and once I've reached the final bookcase, I let out a small sigh. The owner, who is behind a round counter, responds to it. Something along the lines of "can't find what you're looking for?" I respond with "you must've heard that sigh a lot." She starts asking me about my book preferences so that she can help me out. I tell her that I'll read a lot of things. The last things I've read are fantasy books though. She is a bit uncertain, but finally decides to show me two books. I don't remember the first one (or perhaps the second one). The one that I do remember is a gigantic book. It's got a blue cover. At one point it's open on the very last page and I see a price that says "0.09". I know it's meant to be a price of 9 ... whatever currency. The girl is now back as well and we go through the pages, flipping carefully towards the front. There's no text. It's all paintings. At one point I see a painting of a man's face that a friend of mine made a year ago, only this is much bigger. I'm surprised by this. Did my friend's work get published somehow? Did she just copy paint an existing painting? We continue flipping. Dragon. Some of the pages are torn and the lady says we have to be careful. People have been mishandling this book, causing some tears along the lines of the paint. I like this book, especially considering it's price. There's no way I can take it with me though. I start anticipating a sales pitch from the woman. I anticipate that she will suggest home delivery. Even then, it would take up too much space in my room.

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    Tags: bookshop, english, spy
    non-lucid , memorable