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    #209: Artist

    by , 09-12-2016 at 04:12 AM (316 Views)
    Writing this down a few hours later. Think it would've made a memorable dream if I had written it down immediately.

    I'm in a room. It's the studio of an artist. A painter of sorts I think. He is... eccentric. He also runs a weed business from within this room. He has just hired his girlfriend to help him, but he's complaining about everything she does. He's giving her instructions: this joint you light before handing it over, this one you just hand over, this particular weed you give this much of, and so on. He's complaining that his previous employee was great. I feel bad for his girlfriend.

    This artist has made an art work on a canvas for me. Not entirely sure if everything was painted on. He just finished and is now taking a break, relaxing on some beanie bag type of thing. The artist can still edit the art work, but he's put so much effort into it that I feel bad about it. He's also hinting strongly that it would be a lot of work. I'm not really satisfied with the work though. A second painting will come after his break. I show the first one (or the second one?) to my non-existent girlfriend. I think it's a painting of her, but she doesn't recognise it and I'm kinda shy to tell her for some reason. Not sure what happened, but I think she got mad and it was the final straw. We broke up on the spot. She stayed inside with the artist and I went outside. The girlfriend also went outside. Outside the door is the first time I really take a look at her. She's wearing short heels and something with bare legs. She's pasty white. Somewhere along the dream some chemistry starts evolving between us.

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    Tags: weed