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    #210: Oh ow / Damn son / Keyboard motorcycle

    by , 09-13-2016 at 12:52 AM (442 Views)
    Oh ow
    Iím in my room, texting a girl called Mel. I think itís my room at my momís house. Iím not sure whose idea it is, but we want to meet up. I tell her she can come by. I chill for a moment, knowing fully well that I will regret chilling, as I still have a lot of cleaning up to do before she arrives. She suddenly texts me that she is already on the way and will be there in a few minutes. Fuck. See! I gotta make this room presentable. I dash all over the place to make it happen. Meanwhile she also texts me that she has had a beer or 2 and not to take advantage of it. Ok.

    Iím standing in an elevator with a girl that went to the same elementary school as me. I kinda pretend I donít recognise her so I donít have to talk. She strikes up a conversation about how much we have (not) changed. Iím casually leaning against the wall, facing the door. I turn around to look into the mirror to have a look at us both. The door opens. I let her get out first. (Interesting intermezzo?)

    The setting is different. Iím at a university building. Itís more of a bar type of setting though. This is supposed to be (or look like) one of the buildings of the uni of Amsterdam. Mel texts me to ask for the location. I tell her something, though I canít remember what. I assume to tell her where I am. After a bit my ex girlfriend shows up, looking a bit sad. Fuck! Whatís she doing here? She should be halfway around the world. I feel an urge to talk to her to check how sheís doing, but I fear Iím the last person she wants to talk to right now. I try to avoid her, make it so she doesnít see me. Then Mel shows up. Really?! This close to each other. Come on man. Mel tells me that she came here by riding my ex girlfriendís bicycle. The two of them know each other? Just perfect. Eventually my ex does spot me. Iím not entirely sure what happened anymore, but I do remember that I imagine doing something to her. Driving her into a corner and.. slapping her with my shoe? Not sure anymore.

    Damn son
    Iím watching a police stop go down. Itís inside the porch of a building. Thereís a suspect in the left corner on the ground, whom I can barely see. Thereís a male police officer (black guy I think) and one or two more other people. Thereís an animal thatís supposed to help the police, sorta like a police dog, but more like a police.. rat? The main cop, which is the black guy, picks it up and orders another younger white guy to take care of it. The animal is way too vicious towards the suspect, canít have that. The suspect starts heading towards the opening of the porch slowly under some false pretence and eventually makes a run for it towards his car 20 metres down and gets in on the right side. He does something with the dashboard, donít remember what. Whatever he did, me and someone else are cheering him on. Well played. Whatever charge the cops had has just become invalid and they now need another reason to arrest him. His car was already neatly parked but for some reason he re-parks it, actually doing a shitty job now. Heís partially parked on a spot where youíre not allowed to park. Also his car is much bigger now. Like he went from a Volkswagen to a SUV. Both black models. The cop is now Ice Cube. Iím a neutral bystander, but we give each other a smirk cause we both know the guy is fucked once he exits.. which he does. Ice Cube immediately attempts to arrest him, but the guy resists. Eventually the suspect is Ice Cubeís son. Thereís some shooting. Ice Cube gets on the driver side of a white truck to get some cover. He gets shot at from inside the truck it seems.. though it also seems fake. He takes a lot of shots without getting hurt. This happens two times. By now his son thinks weíre messing with him. Eventually his son gets into a police or ambulance car and drives off. I run along the passenger side and manage to open the rear door. Just barely, as the vehicle was speeding up and getting away from me. Itís Ďmiracleí that I managed to get it. I lean over. I consider pulling the handbrake but that seems foolish. I pull out the key instead. The suspect gets out a gun and I feel like Iím fucked. A few seconds later heís got his hands on the roof of a car cause heís getting arrested by Ice Cube and.. Kevin Hart? The gun is also on the roof though and heís getting close. I stab him through the arm, just off his hand, with the key, while quoting a Cube lyric. I get a ďdamn sonĒ look. I just turned from nerdy to having proven myself, in the same way that a nerdy white character proves himself to black gangsters in a comedy.

    Keyboard motorcycle
    Iím riding a motorcycle. The controls are pretty messed up. Itís a manual and instead of kicking up, I switch gears by pressing buttons on a sort of keyboard. I have to hold control and another button. I think at least, cause Iím not sure what Iím doing. I also have to then type the number of the gear I want to go into, meaning I have to remember which gear Iím in at all times. I pull up at a traffic light.

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