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    #214: Travel fragment

    by , 10-22-2016 at 03:41 AM (561 Views)
    I'm travelling around somewhere with some people. I think it may be Lombok, but I'm not sure of that. Eventually the map of the island that I'm looking at is Bali, though it's also something different at other points. My group backtracks a part of what we've already done on motorcycles.

    At one point I may be on another island again. I'm driving my motor straight down a road. Eventually I come across a middle aged white couple, which has a house here. I wonder how they've managed that, considering that only Indonesians are allowed to own land. We end up talking for a bit and within a minute or so, they offer my friend and I a place to stay. I thank them for it, but let them know that we already have a place. I may take them up on it on my way back. A bit further down the conversation, my friend San starts to make racist black comments. I quickly tell him that I don't like them. It doesn't take long for him to continue making the comments anyway. I become quite dominant and tell him that I do not like these 'jokes.'

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