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    #218: Goblok anjing / Prison / Tornado / Shower / Police

    by , 11-27-2016 at 02:49 AM (478 Views)
    Goblok anjing
    I have arrived at my friend Andy's house at 2am. He's got a big house. I'm outside on the patio. It's dark outside. Andy isn't expecting me. I forgot for which purpose I came here. I'm also not sure anymore if I was willing to wake Andy up, or if I was going to have a look to see if he was still awake. There are 2 dogs on the patio. I assume them to be guard dogs, cause they start barking at me. They are both of a different breed, though I don't know which. One of them gets really close to me and is slightly frightening me. I know I should remain calm for the dog to be calm as well. The barking of the dog is starting to sound like words. It sounds as if (s)he is saying 'goblok anjing' [Indonesian swearwords]. I find it incredulous and fumble with my phone, which is old and slow, to get a video of it as proof. Meanwhile I hold my left hand out to keep the dog at bay a bit. It's got no respect for personal space. Eventually the dog takes my left hand into its mouth and starts biting lightly. I pull out.

    People start appearing from the house. Andy, other Andy, Rei.. Rei? What's he doing here? He tells me he is sleeping here. There's also a woman that I don't know. I explain the situation, which turns into social conversation. I tell Andy about his dog saying goblok anjing and he tells me he's aware of that. Someone looks at my (ring?) finger and discovers that there's a small wound on it from the dog. Damn. I have to go to the hospital. Well I don't need to go right away.. right?

    I'm in prison. I think I'm in for smuggling drugs, though I got framed. I assume someone put something in my big backpack. I'm in together with Hafiz and Bryan. There's a desk with a dude behind it. It's from the embassy of their country. Damn. I would really like one of those for my country right about now. I know I'm innocent and so far prison hasn't been that bad actually, but still...

    I'm out with my friend San somewhere. We're in a city and it's raining quite hard. We're trying to get from one place to another, mostly trying to take a route that puts a roof over our head. This is not always possible. At some point I have a yolo moment and just dash out to the next spot. Eventually we're taking shelter somewhere and see a tornado passing by fast. Ok. Staying in. There's not being a little bitch and there's not being an idiot. It's amazing to me that I just saw this happen. The tornado eventually becomes quite small (a few metres) and starts to terrorise the area that we are occupying right now.

    I'm in a room, which is supposed to be my room. I wanna take a shower, but my friend Linh is being annoying. My door can be opened quite easily, even when it's locked. He keeps on opening the door. Eventually Achmed walks by and.. idk. The scene changes a bit and it's now 3.. rugby (?) playing dudes who are in the same situation. Their coach walks by and the dude wanting to shower mentions the thing to the coach. I wonder how this is gonna go down. As expected, the coach expects his player to toughen up a bit.

    The scene has totally changed. There's some kind of dance routine going on I believe. The coach is lying down on the ground and has taken of his shirt, revealing a big beer belly and a very hairy body. He's shaved his upper body hair into the shape of a wifebeater. It looks slightly disturbing.

    I'm with Rei in the car. He just parked. Somehow I'm on the right side of the car and he is on the left side, even though he was driving. Either the steering wheel is on the wrong side or we're in the backseat now. I think the latter. A parking guy comes up to us asking for money. Rei gives it to him. Then there's a police officer with a tiny ugly mustache. He has a police id badge around his neck. He's asking for money too, but it's pure extortion. First he gets a bit of money, then he takes Rei's wallet out and takes IDR 100.000 from it. Damn. I've got my black backpack on my lap. Someone starts to open up my zipper to grab for my wallet. I wanna do something, but I can't really. The situation feels kinda rape-ish. I'm close to just handing my wallet over to end it, but the person can't find it and withdraws. Nice. We get out of the car and walk away, ready to cross the road. Rei gets called again by the cop, who wants more money. Rei tells me he stopped giving money cause he doesn't have that much. We start crossing the 2 lane road. Whoops, more traffic than I thought at first. We do make it safely to the other side.

    We come to the hostel, which is called Seven People Inn, but now has a temporary name sign, changing it to Five People Inn. Ah that means Tommie left? But what the hell? He was a guest. Are they gonna change the name every time they get new guests or they leave?

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