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    #219: Jungle

    by , 11-28-2016 at 12:38 AM (386 Views)
    I'm doing a trek through.. the jungle? I expected a short walk, but we're actually exploring a path that takes us quite far. I have my earphones with me because I wasn't even expecting walking more than a minute or so. This trek came as a surprise. The earplugs are dangling from my neck. I'm considering the internal damage this will do to the wire.

    We end up at what seems to be an university. Pretty much everything is about to close. Even the exits. We meet some new people there and the 5 of us decide to sit down at a table with an L shaped couch, the kind you find in the cafeteria. Pretty much everyone has their phones out. I have someone else's phone, because I want to show something to another person. There's a woman a few metres away from us. She is talking in English with the accent of a French speaker.

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