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    #220: Stunned

    by , 11-30-2016 at 12:23 PM (434 Views)
    I'm inside a building (my own room?). I'm near the coast. I can see the coastline, though the beach doesn't exactly look appealing. There's a fence and some industrial activity. This is supposedly somewhere in east Indonesia. I'm talking to a guy (a friend of mine perhaps) who is sitting atop a building somewhere which is under construction. It's a building not too far away, but far enough away that realistically speaking, I shouldn't be able to hear him. He's sitting on the edge of what is currently the roof. He's giving me some advice about ways to continue my travel. One of his suggestions is to fly back to Jakarta and to then fly to some far away island in the east. It would seem not to be the most logical route, however it is apparently the cheapest way to get there.

    A bit later my friend Mark is at my door. He's presenting me with two gifts. At first I'm reluctant to accept them, but he insists. One of them is some MYR - not sure why's he giving that to me. Another is a stun gun or similar stunning device. I put them in my room. Not much later we see a man who is dressed similar to an anti-terror unit - all black. We assume there to be a whole team out there. At first I want to use the stun gun, but I fear going out there with a gun shaped object is not the brightest idea. Mark wants to have the gun, but I believe I tell him no. I then proceed to lock myself in the bathroom. Perhaps they won't look in here? Small chance. I really don't want to get shot by a stun dart though. It's gonna hurt. I consider coming out with my hands in the air. Would that work?

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