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    #225: Island

    by , 12-12-2016 at 04:34 AM (440 Views)
    I'm somewhere close to a beautiful island. I'm watching 2 girls make their way to it on 1 watercycle. They've got an interesting tactic: they are peddling in opposite directions. Somehow it works to keep them going straight. They make it to the island. I'm there myself now as well. There are quite some people here, including my little brother. Despite us supposedly being on the island, we're still in the water. It reaches up to my chest. If I walk away even just 2 metres it immediately becomes a bit deeper. I'm concerned for my little brother, who is a bit shorter than I am. I make my way to him with two floatables. I don't tell him that I'm worried, so as to not damage his ego/trust/whatever. We both hang onto a floatable for a bit and eventually I let go.

    There's some guys playing football very close. They're only using one goal, which is a bit small and taking turns at taking penalties it seems, from up close. They're not lining up logically, with people awaiting their turns in and around the goal. Eventually there are two guys my age who are not even playing, but who are frustrated by the inefficiency of it. They decide to intervene. At first they shout for the guys to line up for the penalties and when no one listens, they decide to come up close and give further instructions. I move along.

    Somewhere on the island I meet a blind woman. We talk for a little bit. I run into her twice and once into another blind woman. I continue walking. It seems I've reached the limit of how far I can walk here. I see some kind of clinic and decide to go in. It's the only building I've encountered on this island. I walk to the end of the clinic and decide that they have nothing for me and walk back out again. On the way out I see one of the nurses in the hallway. She has a pretty face. She walks out in front of me.

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    Tags: family, island