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    #226: (Ex) girlfriend

    by , 12-13-2016 at 02:49 AM (480 Views)
    I'm with my first ex girlfriend. In this dream we're a couple. Yesterday we buried her father. I think we just woke up quite recently. The place where we are looks similar to my kos [Indonesian dorm]. Both of her brothers have already left. I assume her mom to be around somewhere, but she doesn't appear in the dream. I think to myself that if one of her parents passed away, it might be for the best that it's her dad, considering that her mom's the stronger one in a mental sense.

    Still with my ex girlfriend. We're watching a video by actually being there. It's some kid's first birthday. He's gonna kick a football, trying to score. I make a bet with my 'girlfriend' that the kid will miss. If he scores, I'll break up with her. I quickly regret my words and become nerves. The kid kicks the ball and it bounces off the left post. Pfieuw. Next, it bounces left and right for a crazy long time, before coming to a stop. This kid is the son of a famous football player, though I can't remember who.

    I'm sitting on a bench in a garden with my 'girlfriend'. I stand up and walk around a bit. I throw my wallet down next to her, some money sticking out a little bit. She pretends to be greedy for my wallet and I tell her to go ahead. All that's in there is IDR. There's not a single euro. In my room I've got some MYR. I literally don't have any euro anywhere. In my mind, the room I have is in Indonesia and I'm in the Netherlands right now. Waste of money? I should do something about this situation. I tell her that I will likely work in Melbourne. She becomes jealous, because that's what she has been thinking about as well. I've just started telling her about the crazy pay, when the dream ends.

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