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    #26: Councillor / Toilet shower / FA / Family Fight

    by , 11-05-2015 at 11:33 AM (581 Views)
    I'm in my student room. I believe I'm standing in front of the couch and sort of leaning over it, because I'm kissing a girl that's on the couch. Then my girlfriend enters the room. She stays in the door opening and when I turn around I'm surprised to see her and have an 'ow shit' moment. She is clearly upset. The girl I was kissing was her though. She's there twice.

    I'm in a big shop or more likely a mall. I'm by myself, though there are other people in this mall. I remember seeing some clothing for sale as well as an escalator that goes up. I don't specifically recall taking the elevator, but I do recall being on a higher floor at some point. There's a big playing area. It's colourful and I remember the colours red and yellow. It looks a bit like a bouncy inflatable area. There are no people and there is glass in front of it. I'm standing behind the glass. I am playing somehow through using the controls which are placed there. At some point there are 2 or 3 people standing besides me. On the right is a girl who works here. There's something about there being semi-dried up yoghurt on the control table. I don't remember spilling it, but I believe I apologise.

    I'm sitting on the edge of my mother's bed. My 1 year old cousin is in the bed. She crawls out and onto the ground, where she stands up. Then she decides she wants to be in the bed again, so I lift her up and place her back. I cover her with the blanket. I don't remember why, but she says my name. On the one hand I feel it's weird/impolite that she calls me by my name, without adding uncle in front of it, on the other I don't mind too much.

    I'm at my uni. I just arrived somewhere to meet with a student councillor. There is a long grey desk and I'm talking to my councillor through Skype. It feels weird to talk to a councillor who I don't even know on Skype. It feels so informal. I ask her some questions about my thesis and perhaps also some other stuff. At the end I think she asks if I have any more questions. I jokingly reply that I don't, unless she has good ideas for my thesis subject. She doesn't like the joke and would like to stop the conversation now. We kinda sit there awkwardly for a few seconds because she doesn't hang up, so I press the hang up button. Usually when I use a screen (tv/laptop/etc) in my dream it is fullscreen and I don't see anything else. I don't think that was the case this time.

    Toilet shower
    I'm in my room at my mom's house. My desk is standing where my bed is supposed to be. This is the way my room was arranged years ago. I'm sitting at the desk, using my laptop, which I don't see in fullscreen. I have Chrome open; one regular window and one incognito window. I open a porn site in the incognito window. At least that was my intention, but there is sound playing and I have no clue from where it's coming. I switch back to the regular window to find the porn site there. Then I suddenly get an extreme urge to pee. I don't recall going from my room to the toilet, but that's where I am. I'm standing in front of the toilet peeing, I think with the seat down. I can't recall aiming wrong, but in the end there is a puddle on the right side of the toilet. Somewhere high up on the left is a knob which I turn to turn on the shower. The pressure is high. I think it's a bit cold, but I don't really mind. I distinctively recall hearing the song Ghetto Gospel by 2Pac & Elton John playing somewhere in the distance.

    I have a FA. I climb out of my high bed and perhaps even perform a RC at some point, but it fails. The idea of it being a dream is present, but not that strong. My room is definitely not what it's supposed to be. The window is made up of a huge amount of tiny windows which can all be opened/closed and the windowsills are made of wood. I see a row near the top which are all left upon. Ahh so that's the reason why my room has been cold for all these years.
    There's more to this, but I can't remember what. Nothing much happened, but the window seemed to be the focus of this dream.

    I'm in my taekwondo class. We're running laps for the warming up. There's a row of shopping carts placed in the room, so I move them to the side. I'm a bit scared of doing taekwondo, as I'm doubtful about my knee being up for it.

    Family fight
    I'm in my mom's living room. She's there, as well as I believe 2 of my cousins, a guy (20) and a girl (21). My cousins are sitting on the couch, I'm standing in the middle of the room and my mom just entered from the hallway. I'm messing with her a bit and the situation escalates. I think she's laying on her back on the dinner table. My guy cousin takes a hold of my left leg and raises it quite high, leaving me standing on my right leg. I tell him to watch out because I can't handle this situation well due to my knee surgery. In reality my right leg is my good one. This idea is present somewhere to the back of my mind, but I want him to let me go either way. I tell him that if I get injured because of this I will knock him out. My mom's boyfriend enters the room too. He's the type of guy that is always talking and always knows best, so of course he has something to say about all this. Eventually I'm walking out of the living room into the hallway, with my mom's boyfriend standing there in front of me. I'm grumpy and I don't wanna talk to him right now.

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    1. werty52's Avatar
      Nice recall once again ^_^ it's interesting to see the 'full-view screen' thing not be there though :O