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    #47: Train run / Sorcery / Wedding

    by , 12-03-2015 at 08:38 AM (329 Views)
    I went to bed around 23:30 and spent the last 30 minutes or so reading a book. I woke up naturally around 07:15, went to the toilet, back to bed and stayed there until 07:45.

    Train run
    I'm sitting in a train with my close friend Li. Next moment we're out of the train and in a train station. We have to transfer to another train which is departing very soon, around ??:44 or something alike. We make a run for it. Due to the stupid system, we have to make a detour. We first have to check in somewhere, before backtracking and then heading off in the right direction. On the way to our check in, we run over a nearly empty square in the train station. As far as I can remember, we were at a point where you couldn't see the outside. There are I believe 3 guys standing in the square. Two of them are handing out flyers for something. One of them wants to give me a flyer. Can't this dude see I'm in a rush! In all fairness I could've accepted the flyer while running. We make it to the check-in and rush back. I'm not sure where I see the time, but for a moment I see that the time is ??:24 or something close to it. That would give us all the time in the world. Why run? I think we approach some stairs.

    We're next to the train, still running to find a door to enter through, as the train is crowded and we won't find everywhere. The whistle has already been blown, a sign that the doors will close. We manage to make it. We then decide to sit down. I think for a moment about the interior of the train, which seems odd.

    I'm in a big multi-storey building which is being renovated. I don't recall there being any furniture and the place is mostly neatly white. Naturally there are guys all about the place, working on the renovation. I'm semi-running down some stairs. At some point I decide to jump down, which is quite a jump. I land just behind and a bit to the right side of my physical therapist, who is crouched on the floor, perhaps because he is also working. He doesn't notice it. My landing was soft. In my mind this is parkour related. His co-worker does notice and potentially also his intern. I continue down the stairs, but at the same time the dream's focus is on the exchange that happened between the physical therapists about me.

    I feel like this is the same neat, white building. I'm standing on a balcony along with at least 1 other person, though I think there are more. It's daytime. If I remember correctly the woman standing next to me on the balcony is my former boss, but at the same time she is also Polgara, a sorceress from the book I'm reading. I myself am also a sorcerer. Down below there is a car park, which belongs to this building I would guess. There are two cars which are leaving. Both of them have a bad guy in it. They are moving towards the building, where apparently the exit is. Ow no you don't. I use my sorcery/telekinesis to drag the car of the last guy back. Then I point at the hood of the car and say "Burst". [This command is also used in the book sometimes]. The engine bursts. Though the other guy is already below the building and out of my sight, I try to use my telekinesis once more. It works. The car is dragged back into the parking lot and then tumbles to its side. I have to be more careful with this one. This guy is important and we want him alive. If I use too much force to make his engine burst it could explode and kill the guy. Instead I turn the car into a different type of car. One that's a bit beatdown and has a very noticeable paintjob. Now he probably can't get away and if he can, it's easy to follow him. The guys below decide to take action against us. One of them does something which I can't recall too specifically. He turns himself into a big hideous ball or something alike and bounces up and down like a big bouncing ball. My boss/Polgara tries to get a hold of him, but her sorcery doesn't reach that far. She leans over the railing but comes up just too short. I take a hold of her legs and push her further out over the railing. Because I did this I can recall that the wore light-blue jeans, though I can't recall the rest of her outfit. I think she was pregnant though. I'm not sure if she managed to get a hold of the guy.

    Next thing I know, one of the guys has performed some sorcery of his own (or used something else) to set up a lot of worms in the building. God this is gross. Then it dawns upon me that all these worms are tiny bombs. I run along the edges of this floor, which seems to be predominantly round. Along the edge are a number of 'packages' made out of worms, which are all explosives.

    The day before this dream I told my dreambuddy (werty52) that I considered taking up a new challenge for myself: become lucid and perform telekinesis. I forgot the lucid part

    I think there was something about Bali, though I can't recall anything. It might be due to the fact that the boss I dreamt about is on Bali right now. I always seem to manage to find something Indonesia related to dream about

    It's my wedding, or the preparation for it. It's daytime and I'm standing outside with my bride to be and a man and a woman who are supposed to be my parents, but they're not. Maybe they're her parents? It's time for some photos and what not. I look at the dress my bride to be is wearing. It's definitely not a wedding dress, but she looks amazing. I think it was a green dress, with a slit running up until one of her thighs. The people are bossing her around quite a bit. Poor her. Somehow I'm under the impression that I am a king. We sit down on a stone bench. I think some photo's are made.

    I'm in a house, I think in a living room. The wedding party? My friend Christina is there. She makes a joke about having bought me a pack of (Indonesian?) cigarettes for nothing. For a moment I'm not sure how to reply. I think I also bought her a pack. [Neither of us smokes]. I move to open the door. The door opens into a hallway of perhaps a metre wide and 5 metres long. Halfway on the right side is another door opening. At the end on the left are stairs going down. There's a girl standing in front of the door. She seems Moroccan or Turkish. More and more girls join, as well as some guys. They are all distant relatives from one another along with their boyfriend. The only thing I can specifically remember about their clothes is that most (or maybe all) of the girls were wearing a hijab. I remember thinking something along the lines of: great, you invite 1 person and she brings someone who also brings someone and now there are 10 people here I don't know.

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