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    #49: Fragments only

    by , 12-05-2015 at 09:31 AM (391 Views)
    Went to bed around 01:00, but I couldn't fall asleep until I believe 03:00. Woke up at 09:00 and started writing at 09:15.

    I'm in a room with my ex girlfriend. It seems to be a living room. There's a low rectangular table. At one end there's a comfy chair and I think to the side of the table is a small couch. My ex girlfriend is chasing after me. We're going in circles around the table. Sometimes the direction reverses. I can't recall what the reason is. It's partially for laughs and partially because I don't wanna be close to her. At some point while making a few clockwise runs around the table I figure out a faster moving pattern, by pushing off the couch and chair.

    It's dark and late. I'm outside, bicycling with one of my best friends to... not sure. The train station I believe. I can't recall why, but I make mention of the idea of buying a baguette and getting drunk. We're now in an AH [supermarket], which doubles as a bikeshop. The shop is quite dark and only the employee/owner is present. We've parked our 3 bicycles a bit to the back, in front of a cooling cell. I talk to the employee/owner and he tells us to park on a certain spot, which we do.

    I think one of my friends found my new gloves and got excited about them and wore them himself.

    I'm with a different ex girlfriend. She's telling me about how I hurt her in the past. She says that at one point I said she had whorelegs, because they were big and ugly. She tells me that I was right about them, but that it was mean.

    I'm in a train. At some point I think I move to another section of the train. I recall there being people about.

    I've got the small grey blender from my mom and put it up on a fridge that's almost my height. The blender doesn't look anything like I should. I think I take it with me to the kitchen counter to blend a banana.

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