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    #55: Floor H

    by , 12-16-2015 at 08:41 AM (421 Views)
    I went to bed at 23.10, spent 20 minutes reading and then really went to bed. I woke up before 08:00 and crawled out of bed at 08:15.

    Floor H
    I'm inside a building. The layout of the floor I'm on gives me the impression that it's a building with a lot of floors. I'm with my mom. There's a room which is hers. I walk around outside the room a bit. There are no windows. It's just a dirt brown hallway. The hallway has an "H" shape, my mom's room being on the lower left side, facing outwards. I walk to the upper right side. There's another room there. I don't get too close, but there are people in cages or something along those lines. People who are here against their will and who are being mistreated. I want to step in, but the (Japanese? Chinese?) mafia is running this and I don't think it's wise to go against the mafia. This is a very shady place.

    I'm in the same place again, but this time the mafia room has animals inside it and there are no mafia members. There's a wooden barrier about waist height which divides the room. Just in front of it are two cats with an orange/white fur. Just behind it is an ostrich. I think there were more animals, but I can't remember. I'm standing inside the room with my mom. I'm holding a hammer in my hand. My mom wants me to use the sharp end (the end you use to remove nails but which has been slightly disformed) to bash in the head of one of the cats. No! I don't want to do that. Isn't there another way? Also, I'll be within reach of the ostrich and who knows what that thing will do to me.

    Just outside of the room I start messing around with my cousin. It turns into a semi-serious moment and we get ready to fight one another. It's for fun, but we both really wanna win. I think we both take of our shirts. My mom doesn't approve of this. I also take off my glasses I guess. My cousin puts on some music from his phone. The beat from Pharaohe Monch - Simon Says starts playing. Nice!! Where did he get this? His phone is hooked up to a small stereo, so I quickly hook it up to a bigger one. Then we finally start our fight. I win quite quickly due to some stroke of luck.

    There's something about my mom and my little brother. They're arguing about something which is related to my brother wanting to go outside. My brother's friend is involved in this somehow.

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    Tags: animal, family