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    #64: FA / Race

    by , 12-26-2015 at 12:04 PM (515 Views)
    I think I went to bed around 01:30. Not sure what time I got up anymore. It's now 12:00.

    I 'wake up' in my bed. I can hear my little brother in the living room. From the sound of it, he's still playing COD, even though it's 05:30 or 06:30. Damnit man. I get out of bed. I walk from my room, through his room, to the hallway. I stop in his room for a moment as I realise that I can't see anything. I feel as if my eyes are closed, except that they're open. I blink hard a few times and even consider that this is very dreamlike. Then I regain my vision and carry on. I swing the door to the living room open, ready to bust my brother. The lights are on and the two sons of my neighbour are on the couch, a bit freightened by me. I'm surprised and happy to see them. I get down on a knee and hold out my arms. They come running to me and headbutt in the process. I'm certain that somewhere I was lucid for just a moment.

    I'm not sure if I'm playing a video game, but the image that I see is fullscreen. It's off a sort of worm which is floating against a bit of an orangey, cartoony, clouded background. It's head and tail are nearly touching in a circle. Someone (me?) is racing along the outer edge of the worm. When making a jump you have to be careful not to jump too far away, else you'll fly out of it's orbit.

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    lucid , false awakening


    1. bro's Avatar
      It is striking to me how your dream style here is so like the LD's I used to have. Used to have so much trouble with my dream eyelids when lucid. Couldn't get them open! And then the video game style dreams. They can be bizzare.

      Those false awakenings show a lot of promise. Keep at it.