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    #65: Pool / Class

    by , 12-27-2015 at 10:21 AM (351 Views)
    I went to bed around 01:00. Not sure what time I woke up. It's now 10:00

    It's quite dark, though I can still see around me. I think I'm indoors, though I could also be outside. There's a private pool. I'm with 2 male friends [of them is my friend in reality, the other I don't know], one of them is Asian, the other is white. The Asian guy has drowned in the pool, but it still alive. We panick a bit and my white friend asks to borrow my phone to make a call. I give him my iPhone. He makes a call to New York. I can hear something about paying for extra charges. He's calling some of the world's best doctors on this area. Damn. I knew he was rich and spoiled, but this... In the mean time I look at a map on the wall. There's a number there of some local paramedics, who should be very close by. It feels like they are on the other side of this huge building which is my friend's house. I make my friend hang up and I call them instead, partially motivated by the costs of calling to NY. He tells me that those guys are worthless. I relent and he makes another call to NY. While the call is busy connecting, he tells me that I should put our friend laying on the ground, nose downwards. I do so, and he starts coughing up some water.

    I'm with some classmates. One of them was in an accident of some sorts and I was among those who saved him. He can't remember a thing from the ordeal. I tell him I'm not that surprised about it. I recall something about a picket white fence which I climb over to get to a seat. We're all seated for a special event that's going on today. It's a good thing I decided to dress the way I did, with the dark blue sweater that I'm wearing. At least I look presentable. I'm also wearing my All-Stars, but it looks quite decent.

    Sitting in the same area, we have a sort of training event. Two girls, Roos and Chayenne are acting out a scene. Roos is working from a caravan which has been converted into a bar. Chayenne comes by to order a coffee. Everything is quite chaotic. At the end my teacher (a woman wearing a hijab I believe) asks us what went wrong. Either she asks me directly or I volunteer to give an answer. I first consider pointing out a mistake of Roos, but I focus on Chayenne instead. I say that she was in a hurry. My teacher tells me something along the lines of me being wrong. I get annoyed by her reply and turn into a wiseass. I tell her that that's my perception of what is occurring here and add some more philosophical statements to it. She then tells me that Chayenne didn't listen to Roos. Yeah, I know, I was getting to that. Not listening in this instance was an extension of being in a hurry. My friend Jor is seated to the left of me. He tells me that if I hadn't argued with the teacher he could've backed me up by saying 'I think what he is trying to say...'. I tell him that I don't really care. I just didn't like the teacher's attitude.

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