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    #66: Teeth / Snake mouth

    by , 01-02-2016 at 11:14 AM (482 Views)
    Haven't been DJing during the holidays but I wanted to make sure to include last night's accidental lucids.

    I'm in a living room with some people. I can't recall who. I can feel that a lot of my teeth are a bit wobbly. Fuck, this is very annoying. Please stay in there. There's one in particular that I can feel.

    I'm lying in my bed. Not sure if this is the bed in my student home or if this bed was on a balcony. Either way I've got my left arm raised a bit. I can still feel that something is wrong with my teeth when a thought strikes me.
    I'm probably dreaming. I grab a hold of my bottom teeth, using the fingers on my left hand. I manage to bend my teeth outwards, as if they were made of rubber. It doesn't hurt at all. I knew it! I think to myself that I have to relax to stabilise, but I'm afraid of the fact that my arm is still raised. Somehow I'm convinced that that arm is my real arm and that it might cause me to destabilise. I need to put it down gently so that my real body will stay relaxed.

    Snake mouth
    I'm walking on the street. I think it was during daytime. I'm playing a bit with my dreads and notice that on the left side 3 of them are tied together with a rubber band. On the other side some more are somehow stuck together. Crap. I just met someone for the first time in a long time. I must've looked ridiculous. I end up in front of a circle shaped mirror and look into it. I can see the back of my head. I see the dreads and it looks quite messed up. Then I realise that this can't be. If I'm facing the mirror, I should see my own face, not the back of my head. I deliberately turn to the left about 90 and then turn back to the mirror again. This time I'm looking at my own face. I knew it! I'm dreaming. My reflection's mouth is a bit messed up. It reminds me of a snake. In the center I have a sort of cleft lip. My reflection opens its mouth. I'm not sure if it does that on it's own or if it is doing so because I did so. The throat kinda freaks me out, even though it's quite normal. It's the combination with the snake-ish mouth that gets to me. A short scream follows from the throat. I wonder if this was only in my dream, or if it was also audible in reality. I blink, but I never open my eyes again. I'm afraid that if I open them I will wake up. Then when I finally am sort of ready to open them, I can't.

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