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    #68: Supermarket shenanigans / Castles

    by , 01-07-2016 at 09:15 AM (404 Views)
    I went to bed around 23:30. Couldn't sleep until at least 00:30. I woke up at 08:00. It's now 08:40I

    I'm with two friends I met in Indonesia. We're sitting in a small restaurant in Indonesia, the three of us at one small square table. It's raining outside.

    Supermarket shenanigans
    I'm in a supermarket it seems, though no one who is present is using it as such. There's a gymnastics mattress on the ground. We've been told to do a roundoff - backhandspring. I'm with a few guys. Most of them nail it. Damn, I haven't even done a roundoff for so long. I do the roundoff on the floor. I nail it. Ok, guess I'll go for the combo. I run up to the mattress and perform the roundoff perfectly. The backhandspring is miserable though. I think we're supposed to do it five times. I go back in line. I get skipped a few times for not really being in line. I don't really care, though I should probably practice a bit more before the instructor gets here. I think it's my taekwondo instructor.

    At some point the lights are out. I'm moving around on touch after a while as my eyes haven't adjusted to the dark. At some point they suddenly do and I go from no vision at all to a decent amount of vision.

    It's daytime. It's nice weather, a bit sunny. I'm outside, though I think at this stage of the dream I'm more of a bodyless spectator. There are a few people near a balustrade made out of grey stone. From the look of it, it's an old building, like an old city hall. Two white people behind the balustrade are arguing with two white people in front of the balustrade. The people standing on higher ground are an older man and an older woman. The woman has short, grey hair which makes her look like a man. I wonder for a moment if she's not a man. I check her shoes. Female boots. Well to be honest, that doesn't mean a thing. The people standing on lower ground are a 20ish year old girl who is filming the woman and a guy about the same age. The girl is working for a gossip media platform. The woman has already dragged the boss or the girl to court once and won a big amount of money. She intends to do it again now. I think the reason for filming was something along the lines of the woman's husband's death. The man next to the woman at some point is friendly to the two, though it is a kind of friendly that you reserve for people you dislike.

    At the same location, this place is now part of a castle I think. I'm sitting on the balustrade. Just to my right is a white or a very light skinned girl. Her hair has a lot of small curls. I can see the make up around her eyes. We start talking. She mentions liking puffy cheeks. She moves her hands up to her face and then on to play with her hair. I tell her that for a moment I thought she was gonna touch her non-puffy cheeks and start complaining about them. We talk some more. I ask her if she's heard about the bee which delayed an airplane of Garuda [true story]. She tells me she's heard about it. I take a look to my left. We're on an island and in the distance I can see some awesome castles. The image zooms in for a few seconds and then back again, as if it's on a tv. I tell the girl to have a look, but just then it zooms out. I tell her to wait a moment. We both think it's awesome and we want to go there. Any moment now we might be called to board our plane though. There's a bench just below my feet, where at least 3 girls are sitting. One of them is kind of holding me in place. I push on her back with my feet, pushing my weight onto her. Then I let go. She, or one of her friends, asks me how much I weigh. I answer 65ish kg. They are all very surprised that I'm so light.

    I'm walking with the curly girl towards the castles. To our left, again we see more castles and some other stuff. There's a kind of maze as well. There are also some bleachers, from which people are throwing things. Somewhere at the end I can see my Dutch language teacher from high school. There's a gap somewhere between two blocks and instinctively I go into parkour mode. I precision over it, though I can tell my balance is a bit off. I've placed one foot a bit further than the other on my landing. Next is a block to the left, which is higher than the one I'm standing on. I run towards it but I don't have full power. Instead of landing on top of it I catleap and then pull up. My pull up is quick and strong, though I linger around for a moment. Somewhere further on there's a dude standing. There's a naked white dude who is climbing his back for some reason.

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