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    #71: Fragments

    by , 01-19-2016 at 09:03 AM (279 Views)
    I think I went to bed around 23:30. I woke up around 08:00 and it's now 09:00. Really didn't wanna get up!
    All I remember now are some fragments

    I'm driving the moped that I don't have anymore in a town close to the city where my mom lives. It's already dark out and the moped doesn't have any lights. A police car with sirens comes up to me to stop me. I talk with the police officer for a while. He didn't only stop me for having no lights, but also for going through the intersections without slowing down. My counter argument is that I had right of way.

    I'm in my mom's kitchen, doing some of the dishes for the neighbour, a white male. Near the end of it I feel like I am doing way too many dishes, considering how little time I spent here. I take a small cake that's wrapped in peppermint wrap and walk out the kitchen.

    I'm driving my mom's new car on the highway. It's pretty deserted, save for a truck which is standing still across multiple lanes in a tunnel. I try to manouvre around it, but I damage the car anyway. The left side scrapes along the wall of the curved tunnel. When I check it later there isn't that much damage though.

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