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    #75: Jacket / Grenades / Shop

    by , 01-23-2016 at 09:31 AM (317 Views)
    I think I went to bed somewhere around 00:00. Woke up around 08:00 and stayed in bed until 09:10.

    I've got a white jacket that looks a bit like the Michelin mascot. It's a jacket from a broadcasting company I used to work for. It has the acronym embroidered onto it on the front in black, as opposed to the red 'stickers' in reality. I might've peeled the red ones off already. I'm not sure how to remove the embroidered part though. I'm thinking to myself that this would make an ideal jacket for wintersports if I can manage to remove all the company logo's.

    I'm sitting at a rectangular table in a non-descript room. My little brother is sitting opposite of me and I think there's a girl or woman sitting next to him. To my left about 2 metres further is either the pope or John McCain, with a white woman sitting opposite him. I believe McCain/the pope was wearing white. My little brother throws a grenade at him which lands just next to him on the table. Everyone but McCain/Pope makes a run for it. He didn't notice because he's got his earplugs in and it seems like he is Skyping on his laptop. The grenade explodes, but doesn't seem to do any damage. My little brother throws another grenade, and we dash for it again. This time it scares the shit ouf of McCain/Pope. There's at least 1 cameraman nearby, so I know this will be televised. I ask to speak to my private in a different room. This room we call Addis Abeba for some reason. The surroundings once I leave the first room suddenly become a bit more ancient/mystic. I get mad at my little brother and ask him what the hell he was doing. I sit on his chest in such a way that I won't crush him with my weight, but that he can't lift his arms. I start slapping him with a flat right hand on his cheeks to get some answers out of him. He whimpers a bit and gives me an answer, but very softly and I can't understand him. I tell him to speak up, but every time his answer is too soft. I tell him he can't get away with this by refusing to answer. Eventually we do leave the room to go back to the original room. At soom point I start to raise my awareness. I am considering everything I'm doing as if I'm writing a script. Someone with a cello enters the room. There was also something to do with music paper, though I can't recall what. My little brother and I go back to Addis Abeba again. I want answers. Eventually he breaks down and tells me that he got fired from his internship, but I can't get an answer as to why. I'm also surprised by the fact that he had an internship and that he got fired again. He whimpers and tells me that things are going bad with Bea. I ask him who that is and he tells me that it's his girlfriend. He has a girlfriend? I'm not sure if he's lieing to me or not. Suddenly my view changes to Facebook, with my aunt and cousin responding to a photo of him and his girlfriend about how they want to meet her and that they'll have to go to the school cafetaria to do so.

    I had another dream, but it's taking up quite some time to write everything down. Maybe I'll do it later tonight. The gist of it is: I'm in a phoneshop to adjust my contract. I end up having a lengthy conversation with the salesgirl and my mom also adds some points. Eventually the girl and I talk about an academic subject.

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