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    #80: Wasting time

    by , 01-30-2016 at 09:11 AM (226 Views)
    Went to bed at perhaps 01:00 and woke up around 08:00.

    Wasting time
    It's daytime. I'm riding my messed up bicycle on a street somewhere in a neighbourhood. My mom is driving her car just behind me. From the opposite direction another car is approaching. It makes a strange maneuvre and blocks the way for my mom for a moment. I keep going. I come close to a flat and my cousin is calling out to me. I join him. I'm not sure what happened to my bike at this point. He tells me to be quiet because his ex-girlfriend is around here looking for him. We move around a bit and then I spot a girl I went out with twice. She has huge cleavage. I spot a girl I know from high school and there's a 3rd girl whom I can't remember. I think they are wearing badges of some sorts on their chest. They are with the ministry of foreign affairs and they're out here not doing anything important. I make a condescending remark about it, as if there's a bit of rivalry.

    My friend has offered his macbook for sale. When I come over to check it out, the upper right corner is totally bent, like a Dali clock. When I make a remark about it, my friend is really casual about it, as if it's no big deal. I don't think I'm still willing to buy the laptop from him.

    Something that had to do with Harvey from Suits

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