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    #91: Mac & dread / Court

    by , 02-10-2016 at 08:34 AM (369 Views)
    Mac & dread
    I'm sitting on the couch in my room in my student home. I'm checking out my new Macbook. I'm trying to figure out what it is that's wrong about it. Then I realise that the bottom has been unscrewed. I have to put it back on. The bottom 'lid' has some of my hair stuck to it. I try to peel it off. I examine the lid and discover that it should just slide back on. It uses a pneumatic system to close and open the laptop. Along this dream I keep messing with my hair. First half a dread comes loose from my head. Then I slowly start to feel like I'm losing more hair. Fuuck.. well I suppose I could go with millimetred hair....

    Court *potential slight spoiler for the show Suits*
    There's a court decision coming up. Mike Ross from Suits is standing outside a court room I suppose with another white man. The court is gonna give a verdict soon about the legitimacy of a law that will have Mike convicted for being a fraud. They're probably gonna rule in his favour, but Mike wants to do something to prevent them from ruling like that because he wants to give someone else a chance to... I don't remember what. The man tells him that he's crazy. I don't remember the actual verdict.

    In what is probably the courtroom, but what looks a bit more like parliament, Mike is standing somewhere with I guess Rachel close to him. She takes a few steps back and bumps into the guy she cheated on Mike with. Next thing they bring their faces really close together, but at the last possible moment decide not to kiss.

    Mike and Rachel are at a train station. He's walking away from her and she is chasing after him, apologising. Somehow the tables get turned and suddenly he needs to apologise. Huh? What? No man, that's not right!

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