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    #95: Canal jump

    by , 02-18-2016 at 08:29 AM (414 Views)
    Canal jump
    I can't recall the beginning of this dream. I'm somewhere in London it seems, trying to get to my (taekwondo?) class. The city has been overgrown somewhat by plants and the infrastructure has crumbled. It's sort of post-apocalyptic, except for the fact that there are still people. At some point I have to cross a canal. I think this is where the dream started. I'm swimming in the canal, going upstream. In my left helft I'm holding a loaf of sliced bread, wrapped in plastic. From somewhere (perhaps a voice over) I hear the information that the Chinese dump their poop in this canal, on the left side from my perspective. I can see the poop floating by on my left, going downstream. There's a clear border until where the poop is floating. My bag with bread is floating away from me a bit, crossing the poopborder. One of the floating poops touches my bread. Fuck, no! Nasty! Am I still gonna take this bread with me? [This part of the dream was so freaking gross]. I continue upstream. I need to be on the left side, but there's no easy way to climb out of the water there, though there are some boats lined up to the side. I exit the canal on the right side. The wall is quite high, but I climb out easily.

    A few metres further I'm standing at what used to be a bridge over the river. It's broken. All that's left are a few steps on this side and a few on the other, both sides quite overgrown with vegetation. I consider jumping to the other side, but it's clearly too far. Plus on this side the bridge is basically a set of stairs going down, making it impossible to get a good run up. There are 2 white guys standing with me. I'm not sure if we're talking in English or in Dutch, but I tell at least 1 of them that I need to get to taekwondo class, which started on the hour. I look at the watch the guy has on his left wrist. It's one with a white background. I can see that it's already 15 - 20 past the hour and that I'm late. I think it's slightly raining at this point. I look down at the river. There are massive tubes underneath the water surface, perhaps 1.5 metre orso. They have various colours, amongst others purple. I considered diving into the water from here, but if I do that I might hit the pipes. I also wonder for a moment how I didn't feel the pipes if I was swimming down there just now.

    I'm back along the edge of the canal. My new plan is to jump back in the water and cross to the other side. One of the dudes throws my bag of bread in the water. No you idiot! He asks me why it's a problem, since I'm gonna swim anyway. I tell him that it's a problem cause he threw it in close to our edge of the water and I was gonna jump as far as I can so I wouldn't have to swim that far. I think he retrieves it for me. The stone edge with the water is just a step higher than the rest of the street. Perfect for a run up. There's a small box on it which I can use for extra height. I don't have much space to run though, perhaps 2 metres. From a position a bit further to the left I have more space to run. I consider running with a bow, but that's inefficient. Then I realise I can just move the box to the left, where I have slightly more space. I do so. There's a young kid playing around the box. His mom, who I think is on the other side of the canal on a boat, tells him to give me some space. A man with black hair who is turning bald is approaching from the left with 2 young girls. Somehow I'm under the impression that this guy is from an Eastern European country. He's about to get in my way. This isn't the best run up due to the people around me, but I decide to go for it anyways, as else I might have to wait for the guy and his girls to pass. I run with a slight curve to the right to avoid the guy and jump as far as I can. I had estimated that I would land halfway in the canal, but instead I make it all the way to the other side. Then I continue as if I was doing a parkour run. In the mean time I hear a voice. It feels like I myself am narrating something, but it is in an Eastern European language [I don't speak a single Eastern European language]. I have some fun and do a cork.

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