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    false awakening

    False Awakening

    1. #229: Renovating / Fertility clinic

      by , 12-21-2016 at 06:14 AM
      I'm in my mom's city in the Netherlands. There are renovations going on throughout the whole city. I'm happy and feel like it's great that there's so much being done to improve the city. I'm in a street, where in this dream I eat all the time. I'm kinda tired of eating here all the time, I want to eat somewhere else. I use a scooter and am accompanied by two guys in a car. We enter a T intersection, coming from the right. Very last second, when I've almost crossed the intersection, we decide to turn left. It's kinda shady, dangerous and I nearly hit another scooter. I keep driving though. The other guy is not very pleased and comes after me for a bit. I drive off again while performing a wheelie. I do my best not to overdo it. I manage to keep in control. I'm nearing a bridge and decide to drive on both wheels again. It turns out to be a good decision, as the bridge is under renovation. A part of it is just gone and had I not seen a sign and stopped, I would've driven straight into the water, as there are no barriers.

      Fertility clinic
      I'm in some type of fertility clinic. I'm the only guy in a waiting room, together with a group of girls. The person who will lead the tour comes in. Somehow I know he's French Canadian. His English is good, though there may have been a slight French accent. He gives us a tour, showing us around some outdoor area with lots of pipes and tubes and such. It's all a bit dirty and it's abandoned. I wonder how this relates to the surgery. Surely they won't perform the surgery in such an environment. I have to duck to pass underneath a tube which is obstructing my path. I ask the 'tour leader' a question. It's one sentence and I asked it in Indonesian. I get a reply back. It's to do with in which direction to continue.

      My friend Alif is present as well. We continue walking. I think at this point there's at least one other guy, who may be hitting on her for a bit in an obnoxious manner. We pass a building where Alif and I may have been before and she asks me if that building is that particular building. We start walking back, using a different route. We walk down some stairs and then past a point with spiders. Spiders that I've only ever seen in Indonesia. I go 'fuck it' and just go through the path.

      We're in a living room situation now, with the whole group. I'm sitting on a couch. Alif is sometimes on the twin bed, sometimes next to it. She is topless by now. I find that surprising, considering that she is prudish. Her breasts are much smaller than you'd expect from having her seen with clothes on. I bet she uses a padded bra. At one point, while she is on the bed, her face has turned into that of another friend, Jacinta. I notice that it's different, but I don't end up performing a RC. The tour leader is performing a final briefing. In the mean time, there's another French Canadian sitting on the couch to my left. It's a man who I suppose is in his 40s. He's got a strong French accent and is telling me stories I don't find very interesting. It's to do with the Dutch involvement in certain central African countries during the colonial era. I spot some signs on the wall. The tour leader is clearly practicing his Indonesian, as he has written some translations to/from French on some cardboard on the wall. There's a different.. thing.. on the wall. A poster or something similar, with a text on it. It starts out in Dutch but switches over to English. It's a warning, presumably to black people, not to get on a boat. It's not mentioned, but I assume it is because they will end up as slaves. The tour leader gives the final price for the surgery. Ä 690, instead of Ä 800 something. Most of the girls start chattering and making sounds, because they feel like it's quite expensive. I was already very uncertain about whether I wanted to proceed with this, but now I'm certain I shouldn't. I mean, I'm single and I'm travelling a lot. That's no life to raise a kid. My friend Alif shouldn't do it either. She's practically a kid herself. I have shorts on and now I start looking for my pants. There's a pair of jeans nearby on the floor. Are those mine? Did I even wear long pants? There's a black leather wallet on top. I give it a peek and it's my wallet. Then it must be my jeans as well. I start putting them on, when one or a few spiders start appearing from the pants. I freak out and it wakes me up.

      I have a FA and start typing out dream notes on my phone. The phone that I'm using during this FA is the one I recently bought in real life.
    2. #199: Study / Party stuff / Sceptre / Lucids

      by , 08-26-2016 at 04:27 AM
      I'm with a group of friends. We're on the streets somewhere in Indonesia, running somewhere. I lose my flip flops a few times. I don't pay too much attention to it, though when I find the exact same flip flops a bit further down the road, I slide them on.

      We've arrived at a study centre now. I have an exam I desperately need to study for. I decide to leave my phone and my wallet in my bag. I know my bag is unattended, but if I take my phone with me, I'll just get distracted. My Macbook is supposedly on the table, though disassembled somewhat and totally misshapen. The keyboard is huge. The very annoying mom of a girl I know tries to assist me somehow. After this, I go into a study area.

      Party stuff
      I'm with a big group of people. There's a teenage girl who took 1 drink and already disappeared into the bathroom, presumably to throw up. One of my friends wants to help her, cause she is the little sister of a friend.

      I'm the assistent to a DJ. I just stand beside her, looking freaking useless, while she does all the actual DJ work. She's spinning vinyl records, though she sucks. Her transitions are worthless. She eventually ends with the Pokemon themesong. I respond in a "really?" type of way, while the crowd loves it.

      My friend Lin is also present at this party and he's so drunk that he decides to pour beer straight out of the bottle into his ear. He then hits the ground. He falls down twice and you can see the blood splatter on the ground, from his head. I seat him in my friend San's car. I ask San if he can drive or if he is too drunk. He tells me he is too drunk. Ok, guess it will be Sven who will have to drive him to the hospital.

      The party is over. I walk off to some place to grab my bag with phone and wallet in it. I pass a girl walkling in the opposite direction. She is wearing a Spongebob outfit.

      Scarlett Johansson (as Black Widow?) has to steal a sceptre from an evil god. The room in which this is in looks like it is in outer space. Scarlett has either the superpower or has been genetically modified to be able to be pierced by sceptres without dying. I think she's also able to teleport. The god is in a different room or building, flying somewhere. The moment Scarlett touches the sceptre, he knows and teleports to the room. I feel like it happens 3 times. The first time she gets stabbed in the stomach. The second time.. not sure. The third time the god has turned into a giant Deadpool and she is hanging on while he is flying.

      Woke up at 6am and stayed awake for about an hour, taking some notes and then mostly reading a book. Stayed in bed the whole time.

      I had a dream within a dream. Not sure what happened, but I decided I needed to perform an RC. I manage to push my fingers through the palm of my other hand. The dream never really becomes stable, because I don't properly take the time to stabilise. I keep performing the RC over and over in an attempt not to lose lucidity.

      I'm riding my motorcycle on one of the main roads in my city. I nearly get into a collision with an orange/red car, which approached from my right. We're good though. I take a left to the gas station. The line for the motorcycles is to the far left [it should be to the far right]. I put my motor on the standard. While looking down I notice that I'm wearing a necklace. Heh, necklace? I never wear a necklace.
      Hey! I perform the same RC again. Success. I'm a bit skeptical, because everything looks so real. Plus, I'm afraid to accept it given the circumstances. I am with my motor after all. I don't want to do anything stupid and find out I'm not dreaming. I perform the RC several times and each time it's a success, reinforcing my belief that this is really a dream. The sensation of my finger going through my palm is weird. I walk around while performing the RC. I remember there being a girl somewhere to the far right, next to a car. She was really pretty due to her eyes, though I know it's due to coloured contacts. I still want to see her again though. She's in the car right now.

      I wake up in a different bed and a different room than usual. I perform the same RC again and I become lucid again. My mind is not completely clear I guess, cause I'm worried about how my real body will react to my lucid activities, thinking of my real body as the body in this bed. It's as if I'm having a dream in a dream and both dreams are connected. I perform the same RC over and over. I also sort of whisper 'stabilise' throughout', cause I'm afraid of how my real body will respond. The first time I whisper stabilise, it reverberates throughout the dream as a shockwave. I don't know if the other times had much effect. I think for a second what to do. Waterball? No, I lost that challenge already. Summon someone. Summon who? Nina. Instead of willing her to just be in the room, I decide to look at the door which is straight in front of me [I'm still in bed]. It's a brown wooden door and quite solid looking. I will it to open and for Nina to be behind it. It takes a few seconds before the door starts to move, but eventually it swings open. The area behind it is quite dark and I can't really see that much. I haven't been able to make Nina appear yet, though I can see that something is beginning to form in the dark.
    3. #198: Supermarket

      by , 08-25-2016 at 03:29 AM
      I have bought an AH supermarket together with one of my best friends. Man what a foolish idea. Itís our very first day of running it. As soon as the customers start dropping in, I already feel overwhelmed. We have too many customers for just the two of us to handle. Throughout the dream, suddenly new employees start popping up. I guess my friend hired them. This thing might actually work.

      For the largest part of the dream, Iím behind the register. At one point Iíve squeezed myself behind a very tiny register. Iím working alongside two teenage looking girls. After a while I notice that my friend is the only white employee.

      One of the last things to happen is a teenage boy employee ask me some questions about sweeping the floor. I actually have to give this kid an explanation of how to sweep a floor..!

      Ľ Iím moving out of some place. Together with a few friends, Iím packing all of my stuff. The place is quite big and littered with the belongings of my former housemate.

      Ľ Iím living together with 1 - 3 friends.
    4. #195: Beach / FA

      by , 08-22-2016 at 05:11 AM
      Just a fragment of what happened. Iím at a mall I believe. Iím in a different city in Indonesia. Iím with the motorcycle, outside and with two female Indonesian friends. One of them is on the back of my motor, the other is driving a different motor. We drive whatís supposed to be an hour to the beach Pangandaran, but taking mere seconds. We donít have that much time so we just take a quick look, not even getting of our motors and making a u turn. I remember there being something to the right that I wanted to explore, but at that moment I already couldnít remember what it was, so I just let it go. On the beach are two of my friendu. There is quite some fog, but there is something spectacular to see, though I canít recall what exactly. On the way back I see my friend that was riding with me from the back. Sheís wearing a blue/green hijab. She looks pretty.

      Had a FA where I was sitting at a table with an Indonesian and an American friend. My Indonesian friend had her Macbook out, so I decided to take it for a moment to take notes of the previous dream in Dutch. I did it in Dutch on purpose so that no one would understand. There were some key phrases that allowed my American friend to properly guess the story line.
    5. #190: Sultana Phone / Promo girl

      by , 08-10-2016 at 03:37 AM
      Sultana phone
      I'm in my mom's house, in her living room. It's still a bit dark. There's a bed and I'm lying on it. I'm using my phone. I just bought it off a family member for 200 (whichever currency) It's an iPhone which is slightly newer than my old 4S, but still not that new. It has the appearance of a Sultana cookie. The keyboard is messed up. There are different colours for groups of keys. There is a static part and then there is a dynamic part, where the letter that appears on the key depends on which letter was last typed. It seems to be a helpful prediction tool, but I hate the shit out of it. I need to change this setting later. A family member, not sure who, asks to borrow my phone so that he can text my cousin. Sure, hang on. I go to my whatsapp and then to our conversation. I also invert the colours back to normal. I hand over my phone. I move a bit down on the bed and my family member sits down, half on my chest. Dude! That's me your sitting on. He gets up. Heavy guy, I can still feel it in my chest. Next thing I walk to the kitchen with my phone, where my mom is. I show her my phone. Who thought of this design? This is not durable at all.

      Promo girl
      I'm in a big chain electronics store with my mom. There's some type of prize competition going on, where you can win stuff. My mom has a misprinted.. whatever it is. The moment the male employee (super polite) mentions this, she starts acting all greedy and demands a prize. It's embarrassing really. I drag her out of the store and give her a lecture. She wants to go back in again. I tell her that just because there was a misprint doesn't mean she can automatically claim a prize. She has her mind set on a microwave. I ask her what she would do with it anyway. We already have 2. What's the point? Stop acting like this. I drag her to a bench and sit her down. I continue lecturing her and point a folder in her face while doing so. Super rude, but necessary.

      Shortly after, 2 or 3 cigarette promo girls pass [that's a thing in Indonesia]. The first girl is Liza from my old high school. She has a red/white/blue outfit. Next are 1 or 2 Indonesian girls in a red/white outfit. A girl approaches me. There are two people standing to my left, whom are part of my group, though I can't remember who they are. I believe they are female though, causing the girl to decide to try to approach me. The girl is now a white girl with dark blonde hair and very cute. She whispers something in my left ear. It takes me a few tries to understand it. First of all cause I was expecting Indonesian, second because my mom is blaring through it. After realising that the girl is speaking in Dutch, I somehow expected her to say something about Liza. Instead, she mentions that I give excellent parties. There is a party going on around us. I tell her that I'm not sure whether I should take the compliment or admit that it's not my party.

      There were a few FA's where I made notes for this dream.

      Also had a very disturbing dream where I saw my little brother eat his own poop just for fun. Nearly made me puke
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    6. #115: So close

      by , 03-24-2016 at 07:26 AM
      I'm standing in my room in my student home. For some reason I'm quite aware and thinking that I'm dreaming, though not fully convinced yet. I decide I need to do a RC. I open up my clothing closet. I will jump straight into it. If it warps me into another dimension I'm definitely dreaming. If not, I'll hit the shelves. I'm afraid that maybe I am not dreaming and that I'll hurt myself. I jump into the closet, but half heartedly. This doesn't tell me anything yet, but it does shift the balance a bit towards 'not dreaming'. I decide to attempt to push my fingers through my other hand. It fails. I semi know that I'm dreaming, yet this tells me I'm not. I have a FA, waking up in my bed in the same room. My arms are stretched out a bit. My intention to do the RC has carried over into my 'real' life and I've changed positions while dreaming.

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    7. #72: Class / FA

      by , 01-20-2016 at 09:26 AM
      I went to bed between 23:30 and 00:00. I woke up around 08:00. It's now 09:00. I wrote down some keywords for every dream.

      I'm sitting in a well-lit classroom, not very big. The lecturer standing in front of the class is my thesis supervisor. There are quite a number of people, though I can only recall 3 of them specifically. I think the class was conducted in English at first, but Kristen switches over to Dutch to talk about a specific issue that concerns only 4 of the people in this room, including me. One of the people who it concerns doesn't speak Dutch though. Kristen rambles on for a while and asks the opinion of the other 2 Dutch speakers involved (i.e. me as well). I briefly give my opinion and then state that this discussion might best be saved for later. I look at my supervisor and I see a small sign of approval. I say something to the person seated to the right of me. Something about that Kristen probably is insecure and that's the reason she is like this. I can hear the other Dutch person saying the same thing.


      I'm not sure where I am. I am holding my phone in my hands. I'm on whatsapp, talking to a classmate. I tell her that I had a dream and now I need to type it out to not look like an idiot. Damnit I don't wanna type it all out. I can't just give keywords either, cause then she won't understand.

      Ľ Something about me scanning banana's the way you would do in the supermarket...

      Ľ I'm in the same classroom again. I'm sitting somewhere on the left side. It's my birthday and people start to sing for me. Someone poors me a very sizeable beer.

      Ľ My little brother says something along the lines of "ok yes, sorry, I deal drugs". A bit later on my mom allows him to leave the house. I can't believe he's just allowed to leave and that he's not grounded.

      Ľ All I can remember from this one is that I'm talking with my mom in our local language.

      Ľ I'm showing an awesome lamp that I own to my classmate. It's a white, battery charged lamp. There are multiple openings to charge it from. I notice a big red switch on it I've never seen before. You have to turn the switch. I do so and the brightness of the lamp changes. Sweet! This is exactly what I had been missing from my lamp. The price of the lamp is pretty high though.
    8. #67: Women... / Ass / Shy in class / Red scorpion / Telekinesis! Or not.

      by , 01-05-2016 at 09:42 AM
      Not sure at what time I went to bed. I think it was a bit past midnight. I woke up around perhaps 5 or 6 and went to the toilet. Afterwards I had issues falling asleep again. The lucids were all after my wake up moment.

      It's dusk. I'm sitting in the back of my mom's car, on the left. My brother is sitting in the passenger's seat and my mom is behind the wheel. She's feeling tired and doses off a few times. Eventually she misses a curve in the road to the right and instead goes straight ahead. I feel like we're airborne for just a moment, passing over a ditch and land into a meadow. I don't recall it feeling violent or scary at all. There was a box where you'd normally have a console, though just a bit further to the back. I managed to exercise some control over the car by using it. Once we're in the meadow I get out. There's a police car parked here as well. I move towards it and notice that the two officers inside are sleeping. They wake up and join me outside. My mom starts walking over as well. I start explaining the situation to them and they tell me to walk along. We're kinda trying to diagnose my mom. I end up walking with the cops while holding a black granny bicycle. We end up at two houses placed in an L shape. The police want to raid the one on the left, but they're missing a flashlight. My mom walks over again, talking. The police need silence so that they won't lose the element of surprise. They decide to sneak into the building on the right, to get a flashlight over there for their raid on the building on the left. On their way out they are nearly caught, but they've managed. There are now two women, Nikki and Eva Mendez. Eva had something to do with sneaking the cops into the building on the right and is slightly upset by the fact that it was a close call. I'm standing somewhere with Nikki now, somewhere inside. We're in a sort of relationship and she made some promises, something along the lines of finding me a girlfriend just like her before she leaves. We're both undressed. I go to the toilet around the corner to pee. The force of me peeing makes it splash all the way up until my bare chest. I consider asking Nikki to arrange things for me with Eva. They're the same in the sense that they're both called Eva. I know that it's gonna upset Nikki a bit, but I know she won't be leaving and she should've told me.

      The brother of my friend David has posted something on FB. I think it was directed at me. It made me feel like the guy is a total ass, despite having never met him. Man, I'm pretty certain that David will bring his brother when he's coming over, but I sure as hell hope he doesn't.

      Shy in class
      I'm sitting in class, in a row in the back. The class is pretty much filled, though I remember only 1 classmate specifically. The teacher had been explaining something to us and asks me a question. It requires a long answer. I know that this is a lucid, but I don't wanna do it. I don't wanna mess up either, just in case this isn't a lucid. I think I might've pushed a finger through the desk at this point to be certain.

      Red scorpion

      I'm lying in my bed, having just 'woken up'. There's a small, red scorpion on the ceiling, quite close to me considering that I have a highrise bed. I panick a bit and make an effort to slap it away. I'm not sure if I got it. Now my ass is itching. No! Why now? Is it the scorpion?! Why am I so afraid of the scorpion anyway? It's all just a dream. I think I did something more after this, but I can't recall what.

      Telekinesis! Or not.
      It's daytime. I'm walking around some shopping streets. It's got a little bit of a cold season vibe if I remember correctly. There are quite some people about and I sort of evade a few streetsales people, or people who are collecting for charity or something alike. I don't really feel like talking to them. Two metres further I spot two people selling newspapers though. I spot them by the colour of their jackets, which was either red or white. One of them is a former colleague. They are facing away from me. I walk up to the guy on the right, the former colleague. I congratulate him on having been awarded the prize for best newspaper salesman. We chat a bit and he offers me a free newspaper sample. I pass on the opportunity, recognising it as a sales tactic. I move on.

      I'm walking around in a semi run-down building. I walk back and forth along the same route a few times. I can't recall what's in the section which is still in good condition. I remember I said bye to someone over there though, perhaps my former colleague. In the section that's in mediocre quality is my optician. A blonde, former classmate I had a crush on is there as well. She walks away to a different area. I don't really feel like going to my optician, so I walk the other way again. I make sure not to pass the person I just said bye to again, cause that's just awkward. I walk to a part where walls are already crumbling. I clearly recall passing a big, dark green sign with golden letters that was only half intact. Guessing from the letters that were still there, it used to say Bibliotheekzaal [library room in Dutch].
      I wonder what it is about this night that makes me become lucid so often. It probably has to do with the time of day. I'm having this thought as if I didn't just transition from non-lucid to lucid, but was in the same state all along. I walk a bit further and pass another crumbled wall, with a wooden plank put up against it. I'm standing in front of a door opening. The dark green door itself is swung to my side and to the left. The girl is there again. I decide not to pay attention to her. Instead I want to focus on the dream. I consider pushing my hand through the plank up against the wall, but it's not positioned very solidly. I might just end up pushing it away. Instead I decide to push my right hand through the door on my left. My fingertop rests for just a fraction of a second on the surface and then moves in. Sweet. I start thinking about how to describe this. It's like sticking your hand into a deep puddle of mud. Somewhere after passing my elbow the sensation becomes indescribable. I recall thinking exactly that: I have no clue how to describe this. I then pull out. There's a small wooden plank or a brick laying in front of me on a crumbled wall. I remember my lucid challenge with werty52. First person to perform telekinesis wins. My turn to finally win a bet! I aim both my hands at the plank/brick and attempt to make it levitate. I don't have full 100% confidence in it. There's some doubt in my mind that the object might remain there due to being cemented stuck. My vision starts to blur. I think the object is levitating, but I can't tell with 100% certainty. Fuck, come on! I try to stabilise again. I try to shout 'stabilise', but it's more like a soft shout, where you pretend to shout while actually whispering. I wonder if this is coming through to the real world. I shout 'stabilise' a few more times, but now in Dutch. In hindsight I was just doing it in the hope of it having an effect, rather than fully believing in the effect.

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    9. #64: FA / Race

      by , 12-26-2015 at 12:04 PM
      I think I went to bed around 01:30. Not sure what time I got up anymore. It's now 12:00.

      I 'wake up' in my bed. I can hear my little brother in the living room. From the sound of it, he's still playing COD, even though it's 05:30 or 06:30. Damnit man. I get out of bed. I walk from my room, through his room, to the hallway. I stop in his room for a moment as I realise that I can't see anything. I feel as if my eyes are closed, except that they're open. I blink hard a few times and even consider that this is very dreamlike. Then I regain my vision and carry on. I swing the door to the living room open, ready to bust my brother. The lights are on and the two sons of my neighbour are on the couch, a bit freightened by me. I'm surprised and happy to see them. I get down on a knee and hold out my arms. They come running to me and headbutt in the process. I'm certain that somewhere I was lucid for just a moment.

      I'm not sure if I'm playing a video game, but the image that I see is fullscreen. It's off a sort of worm which is floating against a bit of an orangey, cartoony, clouded background. It's head and tail are nearly touching in a circle. Someone (me?) is racing along the outer edge of the worm. When making a jump you have to be careful not to jump too far away, else you'll fly out of it's orbit.
      lucid , false awakening
    10. #56: Laptop / Friend's place / Saggy shelf / Superman / FA

      by , 12-17-2015 at 09:09 AM
      I went to bed at 23.30 and woke up several times between I think 07.00 and 08.00. I finally decided to get out of bed at 08.30.
      I didn't take any notes in between (lazy & stupid).

      I've walked towards a shop and I'm now in it. I'm buying a new laptop. I've found one that i want and I take the box with me. I don't handle it carefully enough and it bounces on the floor for a moment, though from a very low height, so it should be fine. I put the box in my black laptopbag and I start walking towards a specific point in the shop. An employee stops me as he sort of believes that I want to steal the laptop. I'm about to go pay for this. I open up my laptop bag and I see the box with the laptop in it, as well as my older, scratched up Asus. I take the box out to ensure that I took the right one. It's a Toshiba or a HP. Huh? I really thought I took the right one, but apparently I didn't. Glad that that employee stopped me, else I would've bought the wrong one, though it comes very cheap (around Ä14). I put the Toshiba/HP on a table and open it. It's really a hideous looking thing. I don't want to buy this anymore. I've already configured it with my name and everything though. I need to figure out how to get rid of that so that I can return the laptop.

      Friend's place
      I'm in the house of one of my close friends, though it looks quite different from reality. I'm with several of my close friends. I'm sitting in what seems like a sleeping bag with one of the staff members of my Indonesian uni. We're fooling around a bit. Considering that I have a girlfriend [in this dream I'm still/again together with my first girlfriend] I am taking things entirely too far. We're in the middle of the hallway and it feels like we're sitting on an unused eastern style toilet, which feels dry. My friend's sister or mom opens the door to the actual toilet, which is also eastern style. Yuck. Someone mentions that there is a western style toilet upstairs.

      Still in the same place I think. I have a bowl of food and one of my friends keeps trying to take food from me. Damnit man, let me eat in peace. He says that I can't eat this anyway since I'm a vegetarian. I tell him that I'm eating everything but the meat. He starts eating the meat of my plate. I'm starting to get really annoyed now. I let him know that he can have the meat after I'm done.

      At some point in the dream I think the staff member is gone and my girlfriend is present. I act very distant towards her.

      Saggy shelf
      I'm in my student room, though it looks quite different. I'm not sure who I'm with, but that person starts to lean on one of the low shelfs on my wall. Don't do that! Too late. The shelf sags until it pretty much hits the ground. I'm very annoyed by this. I specifically remember thinking that my shoes won't fit underneath the shelf anymore. I try to prop it back up several times, but it's not working.

      There's a guy without superpowers who is taking on Superman. He has a cell build for him, with walls covered in kryptonite paint, though he calls it slightly differently. It's in a tower. Superman is outside, x-raying through the tower to find the guy. He eventually does and he falls right into the trap, bursting into the kryptonite room. His uniform is a bit different from reality. Also, if he wants to use his laser vision he needs to charge it, which is visible from a 'thermometre' filling up on the front of his suit.

      I dreamt I got an email from the person I'm supposed to be interviewing in reality tomorrow. That person apologised for not going to be able to make it. I think the reason was that it was the birthday of one of the colleagues and thus everyone would be unavailable. I also recall checking my phone after waking up to see if it was a dream or not, and seeing the message on my lockscreen (so I had an FA).

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    11. #26: Councillor / Toilet shower / FA / Family Fight

      by , 11-05-2015 at 11:33 AM
      Ľ I'm in my student room. I believe I'm standing in front of the couch and sort of leaning over it, because I'm kissing a girl that's on the couch. Then my girlfriend enters the room. She stays in the door opening and when I turn around I'm surprised to see her and have an 'ow shit' moment. She is clearly upset. The girl I was kissing was her though. She's there twice.

      Ľ I'm in a big shop or more likely a mall. I'm by myself, though there are other people in this mall. I remember seeing some clothing for sale as well as an escalator that goes up. I don't specifically recall taking the elevator, but I do recall being on a higher floor at some point. There's a big playing area. It's colourful and I remember the colours red and yellow. It looks a bit like a bouncy inflatable area. There are no people and there is glass in front of it. I'm standing behind the glass. I am playing somehow through using the controls which are placed there. At some point there are 2 or 3 people standing besides me. On the right is a girl who works here. There's something about there being semi-dried up yoghurt on the control table. I don't remember spilling it, but I believe I apologise.

      Ľ I'm sitting on the edge of my mother's bed. My 1 year old cousin is in the bed. She crawls out and onto the ground, where she stands up. Then she decides she wants to be in the bed again, so I lift her up and place her back. I cover her with the blanket. I don't remember why, but she says my name. On the one hand I feel it's weird/impolite that she calls me by my name, without adding uncle in front of it, on the other I don't mind too much.

      I'm at my uni. I just arrived somewhere to meet with a student councillor. There is a long grey desk and I'm talking to my councillor through Skype. It feels weird to talk to a councillor who I don't even know on Skype. It feels so informal. I ask her some questions about my thesis and perhaps also some other stuff. At the end I think she asks if I have any more questions. I jokingly reply that I don't, unless she has good ideas for my thesis subject. She doesn't like the joke and would like to stop the conversation now. We kinda sit there awkwardly for a few seconds because she doesn't hang up, so I press the hang up button. Usually when I use a screen (tv/laptop/etc) in my dream it is fullscreen and I don't see anything else. I don't think that was the case this time.

      Toilet shower
      I'm in my room at my mom's house. My desk is standing where my bed is supposed to be. This is the way my room was arranged years ago. I'm sitting at the desk, using my laptop, which I don't see in fullscreen. I have Chrome open; one regular window and one incognito window. I open a porn site in the incognito window. At least that was my intention, but there is sound playing and I have no clue from where it's coming. I switch back to the regular window to find the porn site there. Then I suddenly get an extreme urge to pee. I don't recall going from my room to the toilet, but that's where I am. I'm standing in front of the toilet peeing, I think with the seat down. I can't recall aiming wrong, but in the end there is a puddle on the right side of the toilet. Somewhere high up on the left is a knob which I turn to turn on the shower. The pressure is high. I think it's a bit cold, but I don't really mind. I distinctively recall hearing the song Ghetto Gospel by 2Pac & Elton John playing somewhere in the distance.

      I have a FA. I climb out of my high bed and perhaps even perform a RC at some point, but it fails. The idea of it being a dream is present, but not that strong. My room is definitely not what it's supposed to be. The window is made up of a huge amount of tiny windows which can all be opened/closed and the windowsills are made of wood. I see a row near the top which are all left upon. Ahh so that's the reason why my room has been cold for all these years.
      There's more to this, but I can't remember what. Nothing much happened, but the window seemed to be the focus of this dream.

      Ľ I'm in my taekwondo class. We're running laps for the warming up. There's a row of shopping carts placed in the room, so I move them to the side. I'm a bit scared of doing taekwondo, as I'm doubtful about my knee being up for it.

      Family fight
      I'm in my mom's living room. She's there, as well as I believe 2 of my cousins, a guy (20) and a girl (21). My cousins are sitting on the couch, I'm standing in the middle of the room and my mom just entered from the hallway. I'm messing with her a bit and the situation escalates. I think she's laying on her back on the dinner table. My guy cousin takes a hold of my left leg and raises it quite high, leaving me standing on my right leg. I tell him to watch out because I can't handle this situation well due to my knee surgery. In reality my right leg is my good one. This idea is present somewhere to the back of my mind, but I want him to let me go either way. I tell him that if I get injured because of this I will knock him out. My mom's boyfriend enters the room too. He's the type of guy that is always talking and always knows best, so of course he has something to say about all this. Eventually I'm walking out of the living room into the hallway, with my mom's boyfriend standing there in front of me. I'm grumpy and I don't wanna talk to him right now.
    12. #20: FA? / Moving out

      by , 10-26-2015 at 09:51 AM

      False awakening?
      Last night I slept next to my girlfriend at her sister's house. In the middle of the night I woke up... or had an FA, I'm not sure. I was in the right location with the right person. It felt as if time was passing faster than it should. To be specific, x1.4. I think this is odd and try to push my finger through my palm a couple of times, without success. I feel like I didn't take out enough time to really attempt it. I also didn't try any other RC. It was an interesting/weird experience. Since I didn't seem to be dreaming I went back to bed.

      This dream must have something to do with my exam. As a preparation I'm going through all the lectures (they're recorded and uploaded) and often I set the playback speed to x1.4

      Moving out
      I'm standing in the kitchen with 2 housemates. One to my left, one to my right. We're standing lined up, very close to each other in front of the stove. I guess cause we all wanted to use it. I mention to them that I'm considering moving out. Not too sure what happened after that.

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      false awakening
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      by , 10-16-2015 at 08:58 AM

      I'm writing this post a bit late after waking up, so the details of my dreams are already quite vague

      Dream 1: Mafia
      I'm a member of the mafia. I don't feel like I'm a really high ranking member, just an ordinary guy. I'm loyal to my Don. I'm inside a building that belongs to us, so it's just us mafioso in there. It's the size of a public building, so pretty big. There's a high ranking guy coming to visit us. Perhaps a Don from another group. Me and another guy from our side have to come up with a plan for a specific purpose and present it to the high ranking guy. We have to make sure to impress him. There are glass doors which lead to a balcony, which somehow feels like it's still inside. Though I never looked down it also feels like it's pretty high up. The Don and the important guy are sitting on the balcony. Me and the other guy enter the balcony and walk to the right, where they are sitting. As we walk it dawns upon me that our plan severely lacks detail and that we'll have to wing it. I start thinking about proper etiquette. I wanted to just shake the important guy's hand, but in my mind's eye I see a dude kissing the hand while on one knee. Do I really have to do that?

      In the same building, on the same floor maybe (it's a pretty generic setting; walls with a very light colour and a light greenish hue, no furniture). In the middle of the enormous room there's a big opening. This is the same on all floors, so you can look down all the way until the ground floor. This way I can tell that we're quite a few floors up, though I don't know the exact floor level. A guy gets thrown down all the way. I'm not sure, but I think I fall down with him. There's a pool on the ground floor, exactly where the openings are. Please hit the pool. Please hit the pool! Nope. On the ground next to it.

      Still in the same building. A shoot out is taking place. I have an assault rifle, or a similarly big gun. At first I take cover underneath a desk in a cubicle while around me at least 2 people are shooting; 1 from my left, 1 from my right. I say people but they are not. I'm not sure what I should call them. Cartoonish entities. Eventually I myself am in the middle of it. I point my gun at 'someone' and can see through my scope that my aim is good. I'm shooting without using my scope though. A bit later or earlier I'm shooting at someone without using a scope, maybe because my gun doesn't have one. I have a long barrel though and it seems to be bend slightly cause all my shots deviate.

      I read an article yesterday evening about Syrian refugees and the influence of the Turkish mafia.

      Dream 2: FA?
      I woke up around maybe 2 in the morning for no apparent reason. After that I could hear noise coming from my housemate's room, which annoyed me as I tried to get back to sleep. I'm not even sure if that last part was a dream or not. I think not. Next thing I know I'm at Albert Heijn, a Dutch chain of supermarkets. I wake up (again?), thinking how silly it is that I was so annoyed by my housemate and not being able to fall asleep, while I was having a FA.

      Dream 3: Golf
      It's as if I'm looking at a commercial. One of my former highschool classmates is standing inside a clothing(?) store with a dark wooden floor. The kind that might still give you a splinter if you ran your fingers over it. He's starring in a commercial and they're shooting it right now. No surprise, he's a good looking guy. He gets asked to shoot a golfball at the mirror. I wonder if the owner of the shop is ok with this.

      Fragment: Isa
      I dreamt about a friend of mine, Isa. I'm not so sure what happened anymore. She has some stuff which may or may not be hers. At one point she makes haste to get away on her bicycle.
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      false awakening
    14. #10: Bike trouble / Jungle / Good vs. Evil / Early vodka / Storror

      by , 10-14-2015 at 08:36 AM

      Dream 1: Bike trouble
      I've parked my omafiets (bicycle) in front of a pharmacy called Etos. I'm inside, buying some things. I take a bit longer than necessary, but I am out again within 5 minutes. I go back to my bike and notice that my chainlock has been cut, as well as my bikechain and my handbrake (an omafiets doesn't have handbrakes). Fuck. This is really shitty. I mean my bike is still here, but I can't use it now. I see a guy closeby get into the driver's seat of a car. The way he looks at me makes me suspect him, but I can't prove anything. I come up with a quick plan: I go back into the pharmacy and keep an eye on my bike through the window, though I make it look like I'm just shopping. I hope that someone will try to steal my bike and I can catch that person in the act. My plan ends up a bust.

      I'm back in my student home. At least 1 guy is moving out. My focus point is still the fact that my bike is messed up. I don't wanna buy a new one; that's expensive! I can check FB to see if someone is selling bicycle parts. Still, it's real shit.

      More happened at the house, but I can't really remember. This was a shitty dream for me cause of the bike.

      Not sure if it's at this point or later, but I have a false awakening somewhere in the evening.

      Dream 2: Jungle
      I'm walking into a jungle with.. my girlfriend I guess. We would like for a place where we could be alone. So far no luck. This jungle is in the Netherlands. Ah look a mountain, or a hill I guess. It's probably the [insert name of existing hill that I forgot] in Hilversum. Maybe there is a volcano too. No wait, we don't have volcanoes in the Netherlands. We keep walking and regularly see a few people. Eventually we're in a room full of people and a small party is going on.

      I'm no longer with my girlfriend but with my female cousin, who is about 14 years old. A guy sneakily grabs her ass. She doesn't resist it. It pisses me off. I'm at a table where it's self service to get a drink. I take a plastic see-through cup, but it's been used already. Another one. Same story, except this one is still half full. I guess this whole stack is dirty. I manage to find one that is clean and pour myself a drink, I think a transparent one. I consider my options to fight the guy who touched my cousin's ass. Can I handle him with my knee's current condition? I decide to throw the little bit of liquid that's still in my cup at his face and then leave with my cousin. She walks ahead of me through a number of almost empty rooms. I keep up the pace a little bit, just in case the guy does decide to come after me. In the end I see a dragonball animation. Vegeta is coming after me. I quickly deduce that it's not the official one though, because the quality of the drawing/animation is really low

      For those who don't know: the Netherlands definitely doesn't have a jungle (unless you count all the weed).

      Dream 3: Good vs. Evil
      The location I'm at feels difficult to describe. It is outside, a sort of camp / community, a bit like how there are Gypsy camps I suppose. It's in the middle of nowhere it seems. It's daytime and I'm having fun with my group of best friends. We're going about exploring. One rule that applies here is that you can't mix a good colour (orange I think) with a bad/evil colour (purple). This even goes when you buy candy. There's a woman who sells really delicious stuff. She's sitting behind a glass window, sort of like some ticket sellers, but in a small caravan-ish construction. You can bring your candy to her, or she uses her own, and she will give you a sort of deep-fried candy or a macaroon. I go there multiple times. Even when buying this candy the rule applies that you shouldn't have good and evil mixed together. I pay the woman with what looks like Indonesian Rupiah's, but is just a bit different. The very last time I buy something from her I suddenly have to pay an extraordinary amount. Apparently this is due to the receipt roll having run out. I look on my receipt and see that I have to pay for the new receipt roll. What the hell? So if you're unlucky you suddenly have to pay a shitload? I'm not sure if she doesn't get that this doesn't make sense or if she is scamming me. I end up not protesting. I go towards my friends. I have my candy in the left pocket of my hoodie. I pull out an orange one and a bit later a purple one. My friend mentions that I can't do that. I tell him it's ok and that I have separated them: 1 colour in the left pocket, 1 colour in the right. It's a lie. On the ground is a circle (perhaps 1 m≤ big). It's moving (anti)clockwise. There are some brown (ground colour) stones in there which have differing heights from the ground (just a few cm's). It's a natural occurrence and the only place where you'll find orange and purple mixed. There are some orange spots and some purple spots. The kids are having fun playing a ridiculously dangerous game with it. Hit an orange spot with your foot and nothing happens. Hit a purple one and you slowly turn into stone, extremely slowly, starting from the foot you touched the spot with.

      I'm on a market. There's a guy who looks like he is in his 30s - 40s. He looks like the mercenary kind of type. I can't recall the context, but he wants a teenage looking kid to join him on a mission. He is pissed off at the kid, shoves some weapons into his hands and they're on their way. He tells the kid he adjusted a shotgun specially for him, cause he is left-handed. He gave him a knife and possibly a handgun as well. I start to wonder why the kid doesn't just shoot the guy. They go to the camp. One of my friends has hit a purple spot. I panic, but can still think somewhat straight. We have to amputate his big toe, because that's starting to turn into stone. Knife! Where is the knife? Come on people! We need to save his life. Too late, the process has already started to spread to his whole foot. Too difficult to cut with a knife. Ok just blast the whole foot off with the shotgun! I pull the trigger. Nothing. Perhaps 3 more times. Still nothing. Fuck!

      Somewhere something got switched and it's now my 1 year old cousin whose foot is turning to stone. My mom calmly bathes him, washing his foot. It helps. Wow!

      Somehow it feels related to this dream. I am in my mom's kitchen. On top of the fridge is a light green bucket with big ass knives and what not. I take the butcher's knife. We can use this to cut off the toe. But since it's not real and we don't really wanna do it (just for the camera), we have to be careful.

      Dream 4: Early vodka
      It's still morning. I'm joining my friends at the table. They're playing a drinking game with vodka already. This is gonna be a hell of a day... Within a few moments of me sitting down I've already downed 2 entire glasses of vodka. The game turns into a video game. The outcome of the video game decides who has to drink and how much. I get a call from a guy I used to be friends with, but haven't spoken to in a long time. I can't recall the conversation anymore, but it was definitely friendly.

      I have another false awakening in which I note down some keywords about what I have dreamed so far.

      Dream 5: Storror
      There are a couple of guys in a warehouse making a bunch of noise and having fun. I hear a couple of their names. Callum.. Sascha.. It's Storror, a British freerunning group. A cop comes out and wants to have a word with them over the noise they're making. Someone has complained. They're considering running away, but their names are already known, so what's the point? One of them goes to talk to the officer. The officer is suspicious of the pimped out car that one of them owns. He explains that he makes quite a bit of money of freerunning, so he can afford it.