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    by , 07-25-2018 at 08:45 AM (424 Views)
    The place that I'm in somehow seems to be a bit of a combination of Russia and Suriname. At some point I've been given a story about a man and his son. It's a type of homework: I need to summarise what happened to them to show my understanding. The story is in English. My understanding of the story is limited though, because it starts in the middle of something.

    At some point I'm still sitting somewhere outside, writing down the story. It's already starting to get dark. I can hear fireworks coming from my left, somewhere in the distance. I also hear some boys approaching. I'm concerned about my safety now. Suddenly several boys pass me. It turns out they are really young boys, perhaps age 9 or so. No need to be concerned. One of them asks me when I'm going back. I tell him that I'll go back (to my country) on Tuesday. He says it's a pity. It sends me into a laughing fit.

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    Tags: russia, suriname