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    "Amazing Mirror" (LUCID)

    by , 08-13-2013 at 02:56 PM (1133 Views)
    [B]Tuesday, August 13th 2013: "Amazing Mirror" (LUCID)
    Type: WBTB/WILD[/B]

    After a brief WBTB period (around 10 minutes), I begin to slowly enter sleep paralysis. After the vibrations begin I relax as usual and focus on seeing through my eyelids. A few moments later the picture becomes clearer and clearer. After about 5 seconds, my bedroom becomes extremely vivid, and I just move my dream body and sit up. Excited that I entered a dream, I take a deep breath and get up from my bed. I look down at it, thinking maybe I'll see my body lying there, but no... I just see the bed, the pillow, and the sheets. I analyze the objects in my room and laugh because it's just so vivid. I am also lucid enough to know that I'll soon have to get up for work, and worry that maybe my alarm clock will wake me up soon and ruin my lucid dream. Now I enter my living room. It is day time, actually morning, just as in reality. I see one of my friends lying on the couch, but he doesn't live here at all. I tell him this is not reality, and ask him if he already knew that. He says no, and seems a bit disappointed. I tell him I have some things to do/experiment with, and that I won't disturb him, so he can remain lying on the couch. He laughs and says ok.

    In my living room there is a big mirror in the same position just like in real life. Now it dawns on me that I wanted to experiment with mirrors next time I become lucid. Very excitedly I step closer to the mirror and closer. Now I see my reflection... which is... extremely odd, just as always. But this time I am analyzing every detail of it, and it simply amazes me. My reflection is "angry", and "scary". My eyes look very focused, as if I'm ready to attack someone. One eyebrow is raised, which looks funny. In any case, the atmosphere is somewhat eerie, but it's a good feeling nonetheless. Now I move to the left, and the reflection seems to move just a bit differently, perhaps with a 1 second delay, and some minor differences in movement. Then I move to the right, and again, there is a delay and minor differences. Then I get very close to the mirror and analyze my face. One eyebrow is still raised, eyes are still scary, and the face is in "attack-mode." I actually laugh at this point, but my reflection doesn't laugh.

    At this point I decide to try what I read somewhere on the internet, and that's pulling the reflection out of the mirror. First, I stick my hand inside the mirror for a second, then pull it out. It looks cool, kind of like pushing your hand into liquid. I move my hand really close, then push it inside the mirror very fast and grab my reflection's hand. I pull it out, and pull, and pull... first up to the wrist, then up to the elbow. He's pulling back very hard, and I'm pulling in my direction. My friend watches the whole thing in amusement. I tell him to help me pull him out of the mirror. Gets up and helps me. However, at this point the arm begins stretching kind of like rubber, and I see that I can't pull him out, instead it's just like a very long arm that is now almost pulled to the end of the room. My friend and I decide to let go of the arm, and it just pulls itself back very fast into the mirror, snapping back kind of like a rubber band.

    A false awakening occurs. I am in my bed, but I already know it's a false awakening without doing a reality test. Everything is amazingly vivid again. I laugh and get up, but before I get to do anything... my alarm clock "really" wakes me up.
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    1. user5659's Avatar
      haha, never tried to do anything with my self in mirror

      i have few questions:
      did you and your look exactly the same in your mirror like you look in real life?
      did you the same clothes on you that you are having in real life?
    2. Empedocles's Avatar
      [QUOTE]did you and your look exactly the same in your mirror like you look in real life?[/QUOTE]
      No of course not, I explained that in my entry. My face was angry, the eyes were very focused, expression very serious, one eyebrow raised, like in some kind of "attack-mode".

      [QUOTE]did you the same clothes on you that you are having in real life?[/QUOTE]
      Didn't pay attention to the clothes at all, but I remember other objects in the reflection were perfect. The location of the TV, the door behind me, and some other things as well.
      Updated 08-13-2013 at 09:13 PM by TASKER
    3. user5659's Avatar
      I mean did your face or body look different? For example different hair style, piercing, any tattoos ?
    4. Empedocles's Avatar
      Yes, it was very odd. My reflection is always odd in dreams. Hair was different too, but there were no piercings or tattoos. Check out my dream from last night. I experimented with the same mirror again.