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    August 14th 2013 (two lucid dreams)

    by , 08-14-2013 at 03:24 PM (802 Views)
    [B]Wednesday, August 14th 2013: "Something feels odd" (LUCID)
    Type: DILD[/B]

    I am walking in a street very close to my house. It's nighttime, and I'm going to buy a pizza. However when I get to this pizzeria, I see it's closed. Kind of pissed off because this was unexpected, I walk back down the street. What strikes me as odd is that it's pretty early to be closed, and the other thing... a construction site that should be located at the end of the street... it isn't there anymore. However I rationalize this by thinking they finished pretty fast with their work. I turn left and walk into the street where I live. As I enter my corridor/hallway, I just feel something isn't right. I step into my living room... and see that the lights are on, and the TV as well. I know I never do that when I go anywhere. Now it simply dawns on me without any reality check... I'm dreaming! I smile, and do a reality check for the fun of it. First my hand has 5 fingers, then 7, then 6, then 5 again. I decide to go for a walk and perhaps attempt some flying, so I go outside, and after a few steps further... the dream begins to fade, and a false awakening occurs.

    [B]Wednesday, August 14th 2013: "Positive Mirror" (LUCID)
    Type: FA/DILD[/B]

    I am lying in my bed, disappointed that the dream ended and I didn't get to do anything. Now this false awakening feels so extremely real that I don't think for one second that this could be a dream, although I find it a bit strange that it is still night time... seeing that I went to bed pretty late. I turn my laptop on to check my mail. Windows loads pretty fast. I log into my e-mail, no new mail. I go to DreamViews and log in... seeing a new private message. I don't see who sent it, but the subject says "DERENDER". Before I open the message, I take a look at my desktop clock in the corner to see what time it is. It says 23:something. I turn away, look back, now it says 11:something. I laugh, can't believe it, and I repeat the reality test. Now it says 05:something. Yaaay!

    I laugh out loud, step from my bedroom into the living room, and see the same mirror that I experimented with the previous night. Ah what the hell, it was so fun that night, I decide to do it again. I step infront of it and analyze my reflection. My reflection isn't angry anymore. It looks friendly, a bit smiling. The hair is a bit shorter. I also have a beard stubble, but the reflection does not. My eye color also seems different in the reflection... it is somewhat lighter. In any case, the reflection is once again different, but not in the way it was in the previous dream. It is much more positive this time. Now when I touch a tooth in my dreams, it always wiggles, and if I do it a bit more it falls out. Now I decide to do something funny, I open my mouth wide and look into the mirror. I see all my teeth... they are normal just like in reality. I push my finger against one upper tooth in the corner... and yup, it starts to move. I am actually amazed how I feel it moving, and I also feel the "nerve" somehow, deep inside. It's a bit uncomfortable, but not painful at all. I find it funny.

    Now at this point I close my mouth, and I attempt to shoot "energy" out of my palms. I rub my hands, concentrate on my palms, and direct them toward the mirror. Now I see the center of my palms start to glow slightly, and they begin to emit a green energy, extremely real looking. I look in the reflection, and see it very nicely as well. It is a very nice glow. At this point I decide to make this energy even stronger, so I focus, but unfortunately the dream begins to fade. I close my dream eyes, and attempt to generate a new scenery, but instead I wake up. No false awakening this time.

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