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    Sunday, August 18th 2013

    by , 08-18-2013 at 07:35 PM (605 Views)
    [B]Sunday, August 18th 2013: "Class"[/B]

    I'm sitting in a classroom with many people, and it has something to do with cooking. The teacher is a younger female with shorter dark hair. We are sitting on the floor and have formed a circle. The spoken language is english. Next to me to the right is a friend I haven't seen in many many years. He lives in a different country. Now everyone gets an assignment to introduce themselves to the class and the teacher. My friend is very nervous. After I introduce myself, I look to my right, and my friend is gone. I get the feeling that he will do something bad.

    [B]Sunday, August 18th 2013: "Finances"[/B]

    It is nighttime. I am in my yard sitting with a collague of mine, and he asks me if I can lend him some money. It seems that he wants only 50 euros, but I give him 100, and he looks very happy. A few minutes later I am talking to his son about something.

    [COLOR="#B22222"][U]Note:[/U] I recalled 5 dreams, but only wrote down 2.[/COLOR]

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