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    1. Bullet Jumping

      by , 06-04-2019 at 01:37 AM
      This dream occurred during my brother in law's bachelor party, after heavily drinking, went to bed at 12:30 and passed out quickly.


      I was walking through a long exit hallway out of a building, I find myself to be in what seems to be the city I live in. As I'm walking towards the exit, I see a cartoon-like ghost floating by the exit- I become lucid immediately. I do the nose plug reality check to ensure I am in fact in the dream world. The odd thing was that ghost was outside of the building but I could see it both when it floated in front on the exit and when it went out of the exit's view (aka see thru vision).

      After that I go outside and my friend and my brother are there with me and I run over to the train tracks and feel the rocks with my hands to ground myself in the dream, it seemed to work. After this I wanted to travel a fair distance and ended up performing what I called a Bullet Jump
      1). Run and Jump
      2). Morph into a bullet
      3). "Fly" a distance of 100-200 feet
      4). Morph back into a human and land

      how many ld's have u had-bulletjump.jpg

      We then went to some store and bought some stuff.. I suspect I was slowly losing control though because I don't remember wanting to do this or if I was just following along. Either way I'm in line waiting for one of them to buy stuff and I open up my phone which has a notification for 3000 points... I don't know what for but I felt happy.

      I turn around and I notice I'm in an airport. At this point I know the dream is falling apart and I just want to have fun. I take all of my clothes off in front of everyone sitting down at the airport and look for a dc to have sex with As I'm walking around I see nobody that looks appealing and rather everyone just seems sort of hostile and some people are just pissed at me. Then someone knocked all of my belongings over and I feel as though I need to get them back, I start looking for my clothes as I realize this venture was unsuccessful then all of a sudden
      I time shift and I'm on the ground picking my backup and belongings up.


      Planning on working more on my dream stability, I had a good start but I want to try out verbal commands next time.
    2. High-End Restaurant Exhibit House - Man I Fucking Hate Gout

      by , 05-29-2019 at 03:16 AM
      Hello DVers, I have returned once again. Just a little update- I've stopped smoking weed (for now) and plan to at least have a few lucids, I've been working hard on dream recall and just taking things at a slower pace to avoid getting excited then losing motivation at the first sign of failure.

      Anyways, here's an interesting dream I remembered Non-Lucid

      Anything in orange is a potential dream sign for my own reference and improvement

      The dream begins in an open space, It looks similar to my old work, but a lot nicer with some more expensive equipment. I work on Interactive Media at work (virtual reality, augmented reality, motion tracking, etc)

      It appears that I'm also with mostly coworkers from said older company. I'm standing in front of what looks like 3 wooden shelves, all in descending height coming toward where I'm standing, creating some sort of augmented reality app in which the holograms have some placement element within the shelves. For whatever reason, I didn't seem to know the specifics of what it was.

      Then I see a Robotic AI tripod that has miniature tank track like wheels on it, on the top of the tripod is an advanced 360 kinect sensor I didn't see any details that would suggest it was kinect but I seemed to just assume as that's a sensor I use fairly often at work. But back to the AI Kinect (Let's call it KinectX).. this thing moved unexpectedly fast, and the idea of it was that instead of a person moving in front of a static Kinect, this thing would calculate the distance from itself to a person- then use it's tank tracks to accelerate around it's target and apply cool effects to their person and stream it to a display wall somewhere in the restaurant. I never gathered this from any DCs but for some reason I just had that information in mind. This device looked super high tech- it was jet black with some space white indents and really sleek looking rotatable joints where it could transform for different angles and such.

      Photo of concept below drawn from memory (drawing doesn't represent how cool it was, sorry)

      Couple of q's about jesus-kinectx.jpg

      Anyways Richard my old coworker came in, at my old company, he was always the one on the kinect applications, so this really fit the bill.

      After a little bit we had some user testers come in to try out the apps and vet out some bugs and any edge cases, which is fairly standard protocol. My testers consisted of about 10 guys, and one of those 10 guys was Lebron James. At one point during the testing we all jumped in unison, at this point I'm assuming it was basketball related but after the jump I did a nose plug reality and test and failed! I remember thinking "Yeah I'm busy but this might be a dream.. test.. nah".....

      After the failed attempt I seemed to just appear inside the seating area of the restaurant. Every table was filled, all people there had on black clothing.. suits for the men and flapper dresses for the ladies. There was a fancy plethora of Edison light bulbs chandeliers above all tables, for some reason I was going around switching out the lightbulbs in front of everyone eating...

      After that I saw my old boss walking around to make sure the installation was going good, then I saw him walk back to the staging area I was in before and he was sitting at a table with other old coworkers laughing and not helping .. I got hungry at this point so I found some raw pizza and ate that After this I went to the other side of the seating area of the restaurant and found that there was a resort attached to the side of this restaurant, so it was half outside and half inside, on the resort side it was a long strip of beach chairs that were in the water and a little further in front of those chairs was about 5 feet deep water that was super warm like a hot tub.

      I seemed to timeshift again and found myself traversing the water, I remember it feeling super warm- went to the end of the little pool extension and saw a few guys sitting on beach chairs. One of them was talking kind of loud and I just remember him talking and saying "Gout fuckin sucks man, yeah it just sucks bro", don't remember what else. I swam back and I remember there was a very busty woman in the water and she was getting in my way as I swam back, I don't recall doing anything with her but man it was feeling extra steamy at that point.

      I time shift one more time and I'm near where the pool extension and the restaurant meet, I then see speakers that are floating on a ledge and see the cord dangling, I was trying to find an outlet to plug it into then I heard my coworker from my current company on the phone and in a black suit and sunglasses saying "Man I fuckin' hate Gout, DUDE IT FUCKING SUCKS" right near where everyone was sitting and was just venting about it


      End of dream, not a lucid but it was interesting and vivid. I will have a lucid dream soon so stay tuned if you happen to read these.
      Tags: fancy, futuristic
      non-lucid , memorable
    3. Stop Eating My Fucking Pets

      by , 06-19-2018 at 03:09 AM
      Don't recall any predream rituals or bedtime conditions this night, I've been working a lot of overtime lately so my note taking habits have taken a hit


      So it started being in a big house/mansion hybrid with a lot of rooms, and a lot of gate-like structures where I could see my mom's 8 pets + a huge zoo of pets that I didn't know at all. Suddenly time seemed to shift a few times where I caught glimpses of these pets, then all of a sudden a dinosaur raptor showed up and started destroying rooms. At this point I recall feeling anxiety as I feared for my pets getting hurt or killed.

      I remember feeling myself boomerang in and out of lucidity and I finally crawled into myself on the floor feet on the ground, and I tried to imagine my dream body move instead of my real body, and was guiding my attention to my thoughts exhaustively until it was my dream body rising up from the balled up position to standing up straight. I became fully lucid. At this point I remember following the dinosaur in these dream glimpse sequences, then eventually I somehow made my way into a room which revealed the outer part of the structure I was in, and the sun shined as I NOTICED THAT THIS IS A HUGE MANSION/CRUISE and it looks great out and that hostile feeling from before seemed to subside.

      I looked to my left and see a beautiful woman who looks to be a mom.. of sorts So I walked up to her slapped her with my dong and had her perform oral on me.. and I yelled at her and said "STOP EATING MY FUCKING PETS", and sooner or late, time seemed to shift and boat seemed to be broken on our side and that hostile feeling seemed to come back. So I pushed her right into the ocean, just .. right away, she floated away half-naked, screaming for help and then
      I woke up.



      Pretty good lucid, better vividity as well, the lady was fun
      The hostile feeling kind of sucked while combined with pet anxiety

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    4. I am in control here *wakes up*

      by , 05-27-2018 at 04:16 AM
      Went to bed around 2 AM, ended up smoking a little weed and watching one piece at my buddy's place, I recall being very very tired.


      I wake up in one room and seem to be resting, I then shift to another dream scene, and I end up in my coworker's room (whom I have a bit of a crush on, but quite moderately), I remember her seeming really chill (even though she usually isn't )

      I then seem to lose sense of time AGAIN, I appear in a room giving an entirely different coworker (whom I have a bigger crush on) a massage... but she kept kicking me in this weird way... it's hard to describe at this point, but I seemed to then shift to a bed aside her, when I then saw my sister who expressed concern about something I can't remember..

      At that point I grabbed my phone on the bed .. to ya know .. do the phone reality check (At this point things felt very vivid, as in I can remember it feeling extremely real), then I looked at my phone, it said 6:00 AM- looked away willing the number to change, look back- phone said just 6, no 00s , and then the formatting was a bit off as well and that's when I cracked the case, I'm lucid as fuck bro I remember being so excited and I tried using the voice commands to try and stabilize the dream, shouting to everyone in the room, "I AM IN CONTROL HERE, OF THIS DREAM" and then I immediately woke up.


      It seems that the phone text reality check is really effective, 3 lucids this week and I usually get one every now and then? That and I think that the quality of the focus I've put into critical thinking while reality checking (where am I, why am I here, how did x appear, etc ). But my Dream stability is still shit, my dreams keep ending rapidly, the longest I have this week was like 2 minutes in perceived time. Perhaps I should focus on my hands? I've heard this works well.

      Dream Incubation -

      I want appear with my coworker in the hotel we were at on work trip, I want to make love to her endlessly

      Sorry I'm pretty high while writing this might be worded harshly.
    5. I'm Getting My Money Out Of My Wallet

      by , 05-23-2018 at 02:43 AM
      Went to bed at 11:30 PM, ended up doing a short 15 minute WBTB, experimented with playing a game of 2048 on my phone to wake up the logical centers of the brain a little, but not too much, as I needed to get back to bed.


      The dream began with me in the bedroom of my apartment, I assumed that I had just awoken, I had checked my front door to see that it was open.. I'm typically a freak about locking my doors, so this wouldn't happen normally. I then checked my back door by the den and noticed that the door was partly open... weird. One other detail I noticed was that the doors were seemingly doubled in thickness.. as if there were 2 doors.. as 1 door. I walked back to my front door to confirm that detail when I decided to do the phone time reality check, and sure enough I didn't even have to look away and look back, the text was all jumbled to hell. the excitement rushed in as I realized I was dreaming, great fucking deductions I thought, my lucid dreaming practice in RL in paying off, and this reality check is proving to be pretty solid.

      Shortly after I finished boasting to myself, I closed my eyes on accident... and panicked a little at the possibility of squandering this lucid dream I earned, I appeared at the front of a long line inside of some coffee shop. It seemed as if I had already ordered??? I then remembered something that Daniel Love had mentioned in his book for dream stability, which was to vocalize everything you are doing to ground yourself in your dream reality. So I pulled my wallet out - "I'm pulling my wallet out" (saying all of this like an idiot in front of the big line and the cashier), then I started taking money out of my wallet - "I'm getting my money out of my wallet", it seemed to sort of help extend me further than my last short lucid, then she took my money
      and the dream completely collapsed.


      Lucid Streak - 2

      It seems the vocalizing of the actions is a valid technique, but I think I need to focus first on my other senses and perhaps feel my hands or touch stuff, after the fact, it almost feels like it was a non lucid dream. Maybe I am just getting a crazy impulsive tunnel vision, instead of just looking at things and observing detail but rather just filtering a lot of things out and essentially just riding the excitement until I hit an overflow and just wake up. It also feels like this occurred closer to the end of REM phase, not sure though.

      Dream Incubation -

      For my next lucid dream I want to recreate the floor of the hotel I was in with my project manager, and also recreate the scene of me and her walking back from the elevators to our rooms and where she expressed her griefs about the project we were out for.

      The goal is to make a move on her in a very controlled and aware manner (so I can enjoy it), after completing this, as a wish list action item, I will attempt to fly out of her window and explore the city.

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      lucid , false awakening
    6. Returning to lucidity : Strange little rock friend

      by , 05-23-2018 at 01:49 AM
      There I found myself, outside of my mom's house, whom I no longer live with. Guided by irrational thought, I went ahead with it and broke into my mom's house through the window aside the front door.

      Then I seemed to skip forward in time and was sitting inside a version of the living room, watching TV all lazily on the couch. I remember feeling like someone was there with me, but then my eye was caught by a small moving object on the floor, it was what looked like a small rock that had a leaf on top and I justified to myself that the leaf was it's hair, and that it was living. But after seeing it move more.. I decided to use my reality check that I'd been incorporating into my daily life(phone time check / text check) and upon glancing at my phone's screen, the numbers were all jumbled with no proper formatting and in that moment I knew I was dreaming

      I immediately got up from my seat, walked up to the TV, then everything got extremely blurry and I got overwhelmed, I then woke up.


      Looks like I need to work on my stabilization, I got quickly overwhelmed and it seemed to just spiral me out of the dream..

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    7. Go Home Phone, Your Drunk.

      by , 11-21-2013 at 07:33 PM
      So after a 30 minute WBTB, I decided to head off back to sleep with the intention of having an LD.

      I lied down and after a while my phone went off and I checked it feeling upset that it may have screwed up my attempt to sleep/WILD, I looked at it and it had a huge worldwide notification saying that the US has just found out that Europe has a bomb that is half the size of the earth .

      After seeing this, I said this must be a dream, I laid back down and tried sinking through my bed, it kind of worked. I decided, lets get this started and tried putting on some music from my iphone and have it sounding throughout my dream. After this my vision went out
      and I awoke in my bed.

      Must've been a false awakening because I don't remember ever falling asleep in RL, very seemless transition. Was a very dark dream and my vision was extremely limited.
      lucid , false awakening
    8. Stabilization Practice, Taking It Slow WILD

      by , 11-10-2013 at 06:48 PM
      After a 25 minute WBTB I did some SSILD cycles then lied down in my normal sleep position(right side), this was actually my first planned WILD.

      After about 10 minutes the black in my eyelids starting swirling around a bit until I could see in my dream, I was obviously lucid at this point, I got out of this dream bed I was on and before rushing the dream with excitement, I stood still for about 10-15 seconds just taking everything in.

      I went out the door in a house that looked like my own in waking life but was rearranged in a puzzle-like manner(how fun ). I went out into a hallway and went to my kitchen, which remained mostly the same, my dad was standing there making dinner and my brother was just sitting in the living room.

      After looking around a bit more I want in the room across from the one I woke up in and one small white dog followed me in, I looked around the room to see if I could find anything interesting, but it was mostly empty, so I tried creating things on the spot. I would imagine something would be in the bathroom of the room and would go back in and troubleshoot a few times, never worked, oh well guess I need some work in the dream control area.

      After this I remember looking for DCs to interact with, but my house didn't really have anyone but my brother and dad. At this point, since I've been wanting to learn how to change dream scenes, I did the spinning technique for a little while, things stayed vivid but no change in scene. Oh and now there were 3 little white dogs following me

      After all of that I can't remember how I ended the dream, but I woke up and tried DEILD, but it was a tad noisy in waking life so I had trouble.
    9. To The Man, Whom I Killed and Never Met

      by , 11-05-2013 at 08:48 PM
      After reading a bit more about WBTB studies that Laberge wrote before my standard sleep time, I decided to doze off and wake up at 5AM. I did doze off and woke up at 3:30 AM, finally did a longer WBTB(30 mins) than I have before and thought about how badly I wanted an LD.

      In all honesty, I don't remember if this was a DILD or a WILD because it happened quite fast and it was kind of odd.

      Onto the dream:

      After sitting on my bed the last couple minutes of the WBTB, I decided to lay down and eventually I found myself watching a dream, in which I decided to sort of just "jump into" this dream. An interesting experience and I notice it quite a bit more in my recent lucid dreams.

      It seemed as if I was outside of some sort of school in the daylight and was walking around, so with the rush of excitement I reality checked by flying into the air(It's fun, try it ), I was flying through the air fast and everything was really fast-paced, I noticed this and remembered my other rushed dreams that fade away fast, so I slowed down and just went with the flow.

      After a bit more flying, this guy was in a really small fighter jet and he was covered by some material, I could only see an outline of his head bulging from this material. I for some reason kicked him into the back of his fighter and he screamed more as I did this, but I kept going until the screaming stopped , It seemed somewhat fake and not to vivid so I wasn't worried, after this I must've close my eyes(Damnit, I keep doing this..) and
      I felt myself transferring to waking life. Was going to DEILD but I felt like I couldn't for whatever reason.

      I also notice that I have so much more awareness of myself than the environment, it kind of sucks because my feeling is the only thing is vivid, I need to work on this.
    10. Another Short Lucid

      by , 10-26-2013 at 06:07 PM
      I'm walking outside my house and sometimes I've been using flying as my reality check(which is pretty fun), so I tried flying and I ascended right then, at this point, it was clear that I was lucid.

      I flew around for just a bit more, and for some reason when I get lucid I really want a random scene that isn't just my house, so I looked at the wall and thought of a new scene and turned around, nothing had changed.

      I tried again but I made the dumb mistake of closing my eyes
      and opened them to waking life
    11. Friend Induced Lucid Dream #2

      by , 10-16-2013 at 04:05 PM
      So a weird incident I'd say this dream was,

      I get to class where everyone was questioning if there was homework was do, and everyone was freaking out. I remember specifically going by my buddy Brandon and him being all stressed about it. Then saw my other buddy say "Well.. I didn't do it..".

      Fast forward a bit and I'm in my room before bed and apparently our teacher didn't have time for our class anymore, so we started having class on the phone, 1-on-1 and it was kind of strange but whatever.

      I was then lying there on my bed looking at my phone when it made strange noises and this sound scared me into lucidity. The phone showed a black screen that was locked and required me to pay money to open it back up, It made this weird sound (((4))) times. I then felt myself semi-lucid and so I laid there with my eyes clothes and thought "I'm losing lucidity, I need to scare myself more", So I imagined Brandon running around the top floor of my house outside my room

      It was really quiet in the dream at this point, his foot stomps sounded like fucking earthquakes, this truly scared the living hell out of me. It sounded like he was going to run in and body slam me to death. After a while, I wanted him to run away because I felt ready to get up, so I did and he ran away. I stabilized by looking at my hands and rubbing my face on my hands, I then walk out into the hallway and made out with the wall for more stabilization I then walked out and since it was soooooo dark in this dream I imagined a scene and made the mistake of closing my eyes to change it
      and woke up

      Here is the cool/weird/scary part... I checked my phone and I was texted (((4))) times, very recently ... the even more weird part, it was the same friend from my other entry on Friend Induced Lucid Dream
      lucid , nightmare
    12. Embarassing Stabilization/Weak Lucid

      by , 09-20-2013 at 01:09 AM
      I'm at a panic outside by a tree and I become lucid as I look off into the distance. I go flying for a few minutes and realize that I need to stabilize, so I get back on the ground and just relax as much as I can, but I forget to engage my senses!

      After a few moments of this I feel the dream falling apart
      and end up waking up
    13. Fearful Steps?

      by , 08-30-2013 at 07:57 PM
      So I found myself walking the stairs of my basement, I already knew I was lucid.

      I kept walking down the stairs, but I had a great fear and it just felt scary and was extremely dark, but there was a spotlight in the middle of my basement by a wall, I feared what was behind that wall and I just kept walking to it, and suddenly an attractive women jumped out and I was so frightened that I fell down in slow motion and the dream ended right there.
    14. Some Flying, Then Suicide?

      by , 08-19-2013 at 06:51 PM
      The dream started off on this HUGE building that had something to do with mario kart and it was kind of cool
      Suddenly, I became lucid and looked over to my left and saw people marching like an army, but it was a normal group of people, and I also saw my friend and smacked him in the face and turned to start running immediately for the edge of the building

      I could feel him running behind me and I jumped off and before we hit the ground we steered upward and flew upward, but he went in the other direction so I forgot about it. I flew around for a bit of time but forgot what I wanted to do so I found a huge well with a long drop and fell into it with the intention of killing my dream character
      , but woke up before I hit the ground.
    15. Beach Mayhem

      by , 08-15-2013 at 06:29 PM
      So I was at the beach in a truck with some girl that supposably helped me out in some other dream, yet I have no idea who she is. Anyway, we pull up near the water, and there was a lot of people, she says "This is good, stop here.", so I do but instead of changing to park for the car, I put it in drive again... somehow? I was scared and starting running people over and turned and went the other way, people shouted at me :

      "Dude, you just ran my hand over, it fell off."

      "Holy shit dude, you just ran the fuck out of that guys head over.."

      "Your going to be locked up for life."

      At this point, I get scared into lucidity and get out of the truck and look around me, I see a dead corpse floating the water, a guys hand fallen off, and some guys head was smashed into the sand. After seeing this
      I couldn't stabilize and fell out of the dream.
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