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    1. Dream Journal spellbee spring competition 2017 4th lucid dream

      by , 04-20-2017 at 07:13 AM
      i was praying in a school without reason,when suddendly i had a FA,close to my bed there was a Dream Journal
      but it wasn't mine,i started reading a dream i found there,but it didn't have sense so i went on my brother's room and started thinking about it until i did the Nose Pinch Test and i became fully lucid,
      then i went on my room and started moving things(like chairs)with telekinesis,after that i went outside...
      It was very cold and it was the 8 PM of night,
      i thought that probably it was very cold because i was sleeping only with a T-shirt in Real Life ,
      i started randomly walking when i started to hear someone with my voice shouting because of the amazement of my view,
      he was commenting me,something like this,infact when i started spinning to stabilize,that voice shouted : Oh nice everything is stabilizing
      i didn't take much care of this voice instead i started walking toward the tobacconist until i saw a schoolmate Z.
      he greeted me but i went forward to my objective but strangely the city was different and i arrived in a Grocery Store
      i sat on a wall there was and started to watch cars ran on the road,Then i decided to use some telekinetic powers
      So I started to move cars in many direction they flied for about 10 meters altrough some of them didn't move very much
      until there came a big car,then i focused on it and started to think the movement it would have made,then with a movement of my hand
      I launched that big car at an unbelievable speed towards the Moon
      after that i got bored and i sat in a bus a stop there was ahead a bit far from the store,
      i started thinking until Z. came and sat with me,i asked him where was the tobacconist be he didn't respond
      then i started tell him what i have done,but he replied that it was easy,
      so i replied that i launched a car on the moon and he stopped replying
      after that i decided to joke with him,and i made him jump for a meter with telekinesis
      and he replied to me "What are you doing",laughing at the same time.
      Then we started to go in the Grocery Store
      when i suddendly wake up at 6:30 AM

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