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    by , 12-22-2010 at 01:06 PM (665 Views)
    Last night I did a very long deep meditation until I fell asleep. I must have been having a bad dream or something because I tried to force-awake but it wasn't working. I tried several times and normally I can do this first time without fail. I couldn't even sense my body, it was like I had died so there was no body to go back to. I kept thinking "omg how can this be? am i really dead? how can this be?". I was fully lucid by this point, was able to transform the dream however i wanted, I could go completely inwardly too so there was no dream, just dream fabric. Similar to empty dreamspace but without any form, it was like moving through space. It became clear to me that i was in fact dead, so i came to terms with it "ok, i'm dead... theres nothing i can do about it, may as well go towards the light..." I went inwardly so that everything went black and the dream became formless - like moving through aether - looking for a source of light. I found a source of light and began moving towards it... i got very close but then something started pulling me back.. it was my body! I could sense my body again so I forced-awake and did a RC finding myself back in my room.

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