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    Another Planet

    by , 12-22-2010 at 12:59 PM (233 Views)
    In this dream, I was on a different planet. It was very similar to ours. I can't really remember much about this dream because it wasn't all that exciting. I remember seeing a spaceship which was being built, it had lots of people working on it and i went inside to check it out. The space ship was shaped like a small pyramid. I started talking to someone working on it, and i asked them "how does it work?" they wouldn't answer me. I said, "is it anti-gravity?" they said no, i said "does it use magnetism?" they replied no, i said "does it use the cosmic force of the universe?" they said no. I said "well what does it use?" they again didn't say anything. I was getting so frustrated, finally i said "does it use the power of the mind?" and they replied "yes". After that i got out of there and ventured into the city/town. Didn't really see what the city looked like but it was just an area of built up buildings. Can't remember what i did exactly, think i just talked to a few people and ate some food.

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