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    Another planet

    by , 12-22-2010 at 01:01 PM (230 Views)
    I found myself on another planet. I was lucid as soon as i saw the sky... there were 2 planets in the sky, one similar to earth, and the other was purple with a ring around it similar to saturn. There was also a large bright full moon and what looked like aurorae in the sky. It was also dusk so there were orange clouds and i was seeing all this while looking out on a calm lake, it was so magnificently beautiful that for the next couple of weeks after this dream, if i were to just picture this image of what i saw i would instantly feel happy and peaceful. words just don't do it enough justice. Anyway, I was surrounded by village people, some were in the forest getting wood, some were just playing around and others were helping construct new buildings. The buildings were made out of bamboo and vines used as rope to tie the bamboo. They actually had a 2 story building that was quite long made out of this bamboo and wood. In front of the building was a pathway going down the length of the building and next to the pathway was a small man-made river/mote thing. There were people jumping off the 2nd story using vines to swing into the mote, and there was also a couple of vines that were used as a means of sending supplies across the length of the building, like a pulley system or railway system about the same level as the 2nd story. I had a few swings going into the river, then walked up further and found an area where everything was ice, i didn't question it, i just decided to have some fun sliding along the ice like i was ice-skating. I flew back to the lake where i was at the start, and there was a small one storey house there which looked a bit more well built. it was made out of clay/bricks, had a wooden door, had holes for windows but no actual glass or anything, with a straw hut-style roof. I was talking to the person living there when suddenly they got scared, i could see them looking at something so i turned to look and there was this weird type of creature flying in the sky about the same size as a bird but it looked like a giant bat. It started flying towards us in an unfriendly manner - i could tell it was going to attack us, so we ran inside and closed the door. we went to the window to have a look and it came flying in and leeched onto me, like it was biting my chest and taking my blood. Thats when i woke up. It's a shame because i wanted to look at the sky some more

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