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    Dark overlord of hell

    by , 12-22-2010 at 01:07 PM (1049 Views)
    This is by far my most favourite and memorable lucid dream. It's quite evil and it felt so good to feel so powerful and unstoppable.

    I dreamt I was in hell, or a place that could be considered hell. It was night-time but I got the feeling it was always night-time there. The landscape looked like a post-apocalyptic city, with half-destroyed skyscapers and raised highways. I was like some kind of dark overlord of hell, everyone feared me and I looked similar to the grim reaper. I was flying high above the city on a huge black dragon, I felt really powerful and dark/evil, I felt like I owned this place or was some kind of ruler and everyone there feared me. As I was riding this dragon I could see bullets firing up at the sky towards me from the ground. Like people down below were trying to kill me with machine guns. I couldn't see the people I was too high and it was too dark, and their attempts to kill me with bullets was feeble at best because it had no effect on me or the dragon. The bullets would pass straight through me and bounce off the dragon. It made me laugh inside my head as I grinned evily.

    Unfortunately, this dream was cut short and thats all that really happened. But since this dream I have often wondered if perhaps I am some kind of overlord in hell, and when I die I will return to that. I can just imagine walking through the streets and using any kind of power my mind can come up with to kill anyone who crosses my path. I've actually come up with a whole list of the things I could do, and call me evil but its quite fun to think about.

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    1. Baron Samedi's Avatar
      That dream sounds like part of a continuing story. Maybe you should try to continue that dream.