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    Demonic #1

    by , 12-22-2010 at 01:03 PM (379 Views)
    I was in an empty shopping mall, became lucid, shouted out for me spirit guide (which i had been meeting a lot recently) then around the next corner i started hearing people. I went into an office and asked a dream character to speak with my spirit guide. They said "ok, follow me, we just need to get some details first". They were holding a clip-board and i was like "hang on... i've never had to do this before, this isn't right" then the dream character grabbed my shoulder rather roughly and i felt an overwhelming sense of evil and negativity. My natural reaction was to punch my arm outwards to hit/push this dream character away from me. Well I punched my arm so hard that it woke me up, and when i woke up, I found i had punched my physical arm outwards into what looked like a black demonic entity. All i could see was this black shadow of a person. They made a screaming sound and backed off immediately, I could tell I had hurt it. It was about to leave but i jumped on it (I'll show him not to mess with me!), he started swinging me around and then the next thing i know, i'm back in a normal dream. It probably was just a false awakening but it felt so real like i actually was awake and in my room.

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    Tags: demon