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    Demonic #3

    by , 12-22-2010 at 01:04 PM (355 Views)
    I was fighting with a demon all night long in each and every dream. I could sense his presence. The first dream I got into a street fight, and i started using matial arts on my opponent, the opponent became very angry and the dream proceeded to my room where i could sense something in my room but not see it. I started looking for this thing that i could sense, the i felt it and started trying to kill it because this presense i could sense, felt evil. It got away, and I was lucid at this point, I started jumping against the walls completely breaking the laws of physics, and managed to encompass my entire room with about 3 jumps, I found him again and started choking it again. After that, I ended up in a different dream, where I was being pushed down a hill by a friend on a skateboard, and he was pushing me faster and faster towards a wall, I couldn't do anything and I was going to hit the wall and it was going to be very painfull. I could tell this was the same demon I had been fighting before. I managed to turn at the last moment and still went into the wall but at more of an angle so it ended up being fun instead of painful. The demon was holding onto me at this point, and a feeling of joy was generated from this experience and that feeling went into the demon, thus vanquishing him or rather liberating him of his attachment to the dark side.

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    Tags: demon