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    False awakening

    by , 12-25-2010 at 02:37 AM (1224 Views)
    I just had this dream last night, and it was quite a memorable false awakening due to the high lucidity, vividness and length. I was quite drunk last night so this may have had something to do with it.

    I woke up in a strangers apartment, with a girl on top of me, and a girl lying in the bed next to me. Its not everyday you wake up to that scene so I was pretty confident I was dreaming, and that it was a false awakening. I was about to just fly through the window and go outside when I thought "I better do an RC first, its probably not a good idea to just jump straight towards the window in case its not a FA" I also remembered that I was drunk last night, so it was slightly possible I wasn't dreaming. I decided to try putting just a couple of fingers through the wall. My first attempt didn't work but I tried again and sure enough the wall went out of phase and my fingers went through. The whole time these 2 girls were trying to convince me it wasn't a FA, as DC's normally do.

    After flying through the window, I flew around checking out the scenery of this city I've never seen before. I think the dream started to fade, or there was a scene change because I suddenly woke up at the airport. Still lucid, I started to ponder what I should do. I decided I would just run a muck. I started walking into restricted areas - just because I can - and dealing with anyone who stood in my way. I then proceeded down the corridors to where there were a few shops and cafes. I went into the shop and just started helping myself to food and what not. Obviously the shop owner didn't like this too much so he tried to stop me. I blasted him with a telekinetic blast, and as I did this I phased the wall behind him so he wouldn't come back.

    Suddenly, every one wanted to have a go at me. It's like everyone in the dream turned against me and I had people running into the shop from all directions. Up until this point I had been wondering what I could do, but now I was presented with a great opportunity to improve on my fighting skills. I started blasting everyone with this telekinetic blast and phasing the walls behind them so they were blasted straight through the wall - out of sight, out of mind. The telekinetic blast itself looked really cool like a fluorescent shockwave, I would thurst my palms towards them when they were close enough, like a type of martial arts move. I felt extremely powerful and I was having so much fun. My martial arts skills were improving at an exponential rate, I began pulling moves that I've only seen Jet Li or Jackie Chan do. Eventually the dream began to fade and I woke up.
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    1. Elaineylane's Avatar
      Just an observation but I think you should tag your dream journal a little more & give them more categories because you have a really good writing technique that makes people want to keep reading your journal entries. They could really help other people if they stumble upon them. Just saying.