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    Flower of life

    by , 12-22-2010 at 01:02 PM (247 Views)
    I was standing on a platform looking out amongst hills as far as the eye could see, which were all covered in plants and flowers. The person next to me was pointing at a flower. It was one of those flowers which eat insects. It was quite a beautiful flower, the pod on it looked yellow. There was a fly buzzing around, and when the fly was near it, the flower sort of jumped up a couple of inches and swallowed the fly. However, it didn't eat the fly, it just kept it there inside it, like it wanted to preserve it forever. It looked like it was struggling a bit to keep the fly inside, but i could tell it really didn't want to let the fly go.

    At the time I had this dream, I thought i was being shown by the other person what life is, or how reality is made up, or perhaps symbolically what life is like. But now after thinking about it, I'm starting to think this relates to the flower of life.

    I'm sort of thinking now that perhaps this flower holds the key to immortality or could cure all diseases or something. I wonder just how much work scientists have done on this plant. I know people use flower essences to heal certain things, so perhaps this flower has healing properties?

    I found out which flower it is... its a carnivorous plant called a Pinguicula lutea (yellow butterwort)
    It looks exactly like what i saw in my dream!

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