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    Flying at lightspeed

    by , 12-22-2010 at 12:57 PM (347 Views)
    I was lucid on a beach, I flew up really high, then I flew across the sky towards the city (approx. 50km away), I flew at the the speed of light, it was only for a couple of seconds but it felt incredible. I saw the colours of the rainbow (the same colours that make up the light spectrum) streaking past me like the stars do in starwars when they travel at light speed. I also had complete tunnel vision and it felt like i was travelling immensely fast. So i got from the beach near my house to the city which is almost 50km away, in less than a couple of seconds. If i had decided to fly normally to the city it would have taken me at least half an hour. It was very cool travelling at light speed, i've never been able to do it since.

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